>Universe Facts for Your Comfort


Universe Facts of Comfort

We have to remember certain facts when we look at the universe and even at our lives and these facts can help us to deal with feelings of loss, if not to entirely eradicate them. For to eradicate such feelings might rob us of the very chance to learn from them,- so for now we must have them, but we can at least deal with them in context.

Here are some of these certain facts that make loss bearable and joy more real-

No-one really ever dies- they simply transform to a new body and continue to live and evolve elsewhere. In fact their death or departure from this sphere may have been a necessary step in their soul’s evolution – remembering that in this universe, evolution is the name of the game.

When someone leaves your life, you may miss them, but they do carry on living, experiencing, enjoying, in this world or another. If such a separation takes place remember that it is only God who we depend upon for life- not any particular creatures.

Emotional bonds last forever, all returns. That is, our true and heartfelt feelings have great value in the cosmos and are certainly noticed and cherished, even by creatures or angels beyond our sphere. Doing good, doing right is recognized supremely- as man is not the ultimate adjudicator- Truth an the dispenser of truth – God- is. We are not alone, infinite creatures are connected to us.

The only real advantage is doing the right thing and in the sum of all days this will be recognised. the fact that ‘business’ or corrupt ‘governments’ fail to always see this is quite irrelevant as their power is relatively small in the universe as a whole, even if it can be great in our lives. The strength of God protects us. Always. In all ways.

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