>The Sentience of Solitude

>One has to change the system rather than simply adapt to it. For the system itself has a kind of craziness built into it- a manic quality that has for so long not just impeded progress but also made life miserable for large swaths of humanity. Is it truly humane to simply conform to such a thing, just to keep on the good side of people? Or is it better to evolve, as individuals, beyond it and hope the rest of society can some time gather the courage and the will to follow us on this golden path.

We simply can’t change society- endless revolutions have taken place and whilst they may have dealt with some of the more pressing and radical problems, such as despotic and tyrannous governments, they have never reached the depths of the human heart and so corruption has remained. Nor can we hope to really achieve too much through reforms (which I outlined a process for in my previous post), however necessary they may be in the context of a particular situation. These are all medicines which deal with the symptoms, yet the patient must ultimately summon up the healing energies from within themselves if they are to really get better. To heal.

Hence a new subculture is gathering momentum and it is one which I fully support- one with an emphasis on healing- healing music (new age music), healing incense, healing massages- all methods to draw out the warm and nourishing, even holy energy from within us so as to make life a better thing to experience. All this will help as well and should by now be a part of the life of any sensible and sane individual living in today’s modern world, with all the stresses and strains it inevitably brings due to the very nature of contemporary lifestyles and technologies.

A deeper change is called for, a deeper questioning and inner liberation is required. This can only take place within ourselves- and thereby influence society as a whole. The Universe is nothing but an abstract visualisation of the trillions of individual beings in the cosmos- the billions in our world, the millions in our countries, the thousands in our towns and the smaller groups in our families. Yet this whole universe-society can only change by the means of one individual at a time. The individual’s happiness and progress is the society’s happiness and progress.


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