>Understanding The Middle East- What’s in a Word?

>There’s a lot of junk flowing around the internet concerning the Middle-East these days. Perhaps you feel that this blog is contributing to this situation in it’s style of reporting! But the reason for this is, of course, that it is far easier to criticise than to offer constructive support. The writer of this article sees things a little differently from all the partisan left and right-wingers out there, indulging in their battles of words- he actually sees the words themselves as the biggest reason behind this seemingly endless conflict. And the words themselves are hardly a new thing… As he says-

“The area of Israel and Palestine is not rich in resources. We have our famous conflict. It is our conflict, and we are happy to export it. It is our second greatest export.

What is our greatest export? It is not oil, as there is no petroleum here to export. But we have words, and have had words since words first created civilization in the middle east. The middle east is famous for exporting words. The Old Testament, the New Testament, the propaganda of two sides in the conflict, and fittingly enough, software, are our greatest exports in all history. For the Bible and the propaganda are programs for humans, and people and history are “programmed” by them, as well as by that other great program for the human computer, the Qur’an. “

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