>The Need for True Religion

>I am starting to realise the reason for religion coexisting with us since the beginning of time. Now, I am really talking about ‘good’ religion, spirituality, religion like Jesus had. On the one hand it gives us a sense of comfort to know that an eternal father is there, looking out for us. Immanent, yet eternal, he is always there when we need him, with needs he can anticipate. What better way to go through life?

Then, it also helps us understand the way things are. Cosmologies explain the nature of creation, the realities of the rebellion and it’s ultimate defeat by God in the appointed time. The vastness of the universe, something we can see in the beautiful nature around us, is also thereby depicted. It helps us to see the forest for the trees. Also, we can learn our grand, inspiring destiny; to ultimately dwell with God on high.

Thirdly, it guards against demons- spirits outside of us and also our own inner demons. It emphasizes all that is best, most generous, most kind in us and brings it to the surface. It emphatically rejects the deceits or curiosities of our weaker, undeveloped elements. If we ever wonder what is really right, dynamic religion, through our conscience, can tell us. This is an immensely important function, as without it there is a strong possibility of nihilism blurring our definition of good and evil a la Nietzsche. We need to have a sense that helping others and being kind is the central way of the universe. This is in accord with Holy Scriptures and hence in accord with God’s will.

God does have a will- the universe and the moral field is defined. Life is not just an existential experiment in which we find everything out by trial and error. By following God- our conscience, our inner messenger- we go the right way. That inner voice will never leave us and will always guide us back to the path of righteousness. God came as a human just to show us how possible that is- to help without being overbearing, to worship in a spirit of love and freedom- to have real values, even in a world where many falsehoods are mistakenly elevated and advertised as attractive. This is true values, authentic attractiveness; a wholesome food for the soul.

Some may not like the word religion, even with the defining word ‘true’ before it. But I am speaking more about a personal experience of God and God’s glory than any established, organized system of ritualistic blessings. In a more dynamic, responsive faith that is in touch with God on an individual level. Finding a God ever around us who we can simply become more aware of, more faithful in, more responsive too, as we see him more. God is a verb as well as a noun. In us he becomes flesh again.

This is the hole, the inspiration, the glory, that saves us from manifold mistakes. In this we find true love, the source of our hearts desiring. This restored faith can give us hope, can set us free from the web of falsehood that threatens us. It’s the true happiness that no billboard advertises.

Praise the Heavenly Father



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