>A Message From God to Humanity

>”I won’t let one little creature suffer in vain, none shall perish from my broad Earth without my consent. I watch over all, over all I watch just as the shepherd his sheep, just as the night watchman his tasked properties. There is no minute in which I blink, missing what occurs- all I see and all I know. My concern is for all who shelter under my broad skies. All I love, not just the few, although some may indeed know me in their hearts better than others do.

I wish for you all to develop the sensitivity I gave you- the sensitivity with which you were born. This is my message, the message of the eons, the message that my faithful creatures and messengers have ever conveyed, including the one currently speaking as he types.

I wish you to develop all that is highest in you- every highest urge- for in this, in this sentience, in this compassion, you reveal how I have set you up as greater than any animal. You can appreciate great beauty, the more you notice, the more you shall notice. You can feel great warmth and love for one another- and this type of feeling will make you feel good like none other. your satisfaction is already clear to you- in loving and in serving others can you be who you really are and in doing so you inevitably serve me.

Love me as I love you- I love as a father, yet you may well love as a child. a child with much to learn, yet in your image like me, your father. In your capacity for this greatest of all miracles- the ability to love- you are indeed like me. Think of quality, not quantity and the truth will be yours. The more you love me, the less you will fear me- that’s the way it works. Yet as your love fades, so your fear may well rise- as anything is better to me than apathy. Yet it is your love I wish for, not your fear, though in the religions of the world I see so much of the latter, it saddens me that you cannot always find my better way to be good. Give from wanting to, not from fear of what will happen if you don’t. Give freely, as I have given to you.

In an hour you cannot expect, I may well test you- and you may well have the sense that I am doing just that. My test is no more cruel or unnecessary than that of your schoolmasters, yet if your faith is steady you will ‘pass’ every test and will never be punished for failing one. Better still, those that pass shall enjoy the wonders of the next grade, wonders incomparably better than what preceded them- so such tests are in fact in your interest!

I have always, will always and am right now speaking through my appointed messengers. If you wish to know who is really a chosen messenger and who just wants to be one, test by the kindness and deep, searching truth of the message. Those that are of me do this for me, not for themselves and their messages are ever-brimming with authentic hope, though also laden with warnings of what could go wrong if an unfaithful path is followed. My prophets do not simply say what will happen- they lead by saying what may well happen, depending upon the choices made. Many a tragedy has thus been averted- hence my chosen system of lifting up the pure to lead humanity from me, not necessarily those already holding the reins of political or other powers. Mine are the pure, the humble, the meek, the kind, the patient, the loving, the lovable. You will know those who are of me. Just ask your heart. You will know”.


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