>In the Heart

>Recently a change came over me. I prayed to God, directly and said. “You say so often that you are waiting for an invitation to come into people’s hearts- well here I am, come into mine”. With that, I felt that a new spirit did come into my heart. I felt stronger and I also felt part of a chain stretching back through history to even pre-Egyptian times. The world around us is very real ands at this moment I felt it is quite manageable.

I looked around and sensed guardian angels watching over people, though undetected by them. Watching, feeling, caring, keeping them out of dangers that they don’t even know exist. I was being shown something- something of the angelic kingdom. I also noticed that one, especially sensitive and warm teacher is being prepared for great things to come.

This one prayer didn’t exhaust it’s potential at this sitting. The next few days new thoughts occurred to me that had never done before. I pictured the world as after all, quite a small place, but one hotly contested by spiritual powers. I really understood somewhat the hollow victory that belongs to those who are less than righteous, however rich they may be. I say the riches that good people obtain, the riches that are called heavenly, that may also include Earthly aspects. Most of all, I realised that the idea that there are countless people in the world is a very wrong one. No- the amount of people is very much a finite, countable amount. Each one is an individual, each one is, to the extent their attitude makes it possible, being watched over by guardian angels and beyond. Each one is led on paths of truth and distracted by temptations.

Granted, this sounds like just the stuff that religions are made of, but suddenly and unsurprisingly, it was very clear to me. There are not as many fuzzy, random events going on as I had thought- the significance going back to people’s choices.It is quite a revelation, but if I am to speak to people, to speak to many people, over a long period of time, then I had better be aware of where they are at, of what will be most relevant to them.

For the war in the heavens, though already won by the forces of goodness, is a very real one. It affects so much that happens here. It all comes back to our personal choices. God forces no-one to believe in or follow him. He wants them to chose for themselves. The feeling in my heart, I can attest, is so much better than before. Such is the teaching of Starfire.


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