>Salvic Love

>Recently, I have encountered the great ocean of salvic love- the love of Salvation. Out of time, it reaches into my life from the greater lands of life eternal. In the beautiful trees, the breeze rustling through them- the great sunset, spread across the sky like a cosmic fire-flower, the warm feelings we hold for one another. This love is so intense, it literally sweeps me up and heals me, right to the core. It is the love of God, it is the love underlying all that we know or could know. Perhaps it is the love that Jesus speaks of. It is like bathing in a warm ocean of light. It just is- and it knows and respects that I am, too, welcoming me into it’s endless depths.


2 responses to “>Salvic Love

  • Anonymous

    >WOW, it ought to be illegal for you to be able to write on things you know nothing about. The love of God is expressed in the giving of His Son Jesus. And while I suspect you do get warm fuzzies “bathing in an ocean of light” it bears no resemblance to the love displayed in the Scriptures.

  • Starfire

    >So because God shows his love that way, it isn’t expressed in any other sense? Something tells me you’ve missed the point and are lost in the land of dogmas and doctrine. God’s love is and has always been everywhere. Yes, this mystical experience does bear a resemblance to the Love of God spoken of in scriptures, though of course that is infinitely greater and purer. Yet our own experiences of it are valid- it is by this path of experience that we come closer to God, to the ultimate reality, to our Father.Maybe you are right and me wrong… who really knows except for God. I do know that I wouldn’t want to be anywhere that has a legal system like the one you suggest, though some of the countries that do that now would also be legislating against you… a ‘curse of the law’ that I am glad to be free of.

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