>The Cosmic Culture of Our Universe

>For Moments of Eternity 13/11/2007

The concept- The universe is ever-reaching towards the perfection of it’s creator, God and the means by which it does this is love, ever-greater love.

1) The power of the universe in it’s purest form is love.

2) The perfection of the present is our destined future.

3) Love is as God is, as perfection shall be.

4) The cosmic culture of the free universe is constantly celebrating of eternal life.

5) Creatures tend to evolve, leave their small pools, for the warm ocean of God’s love.

6) In each moment, universes are born, end and are born again.

7) As we search for life’s true meaning, God’s smiling spirit comforts us.

8) Deep in unconsciousness realms, our future perfection awaits it’s realisation.

9) Each time a moment is born, it brings an end to an eon- eternity is now, life is eternal.

10) No form corrupted by sin shall survive the tests of eternal time. survival is ultimately granted to the just and the decent.

11) Love is as a smile glimpsed by a twinkling eye. Ungraspable, it is born anew from moment to shining moment, expressed in seemingly endless forms.

12) All around the universe exists the cosmic culture, that great civilization, is based soundly on eternal norms. Let now the limitations of earth culture blind you to your wider heritage, one that fits you like a glove and satisfies your heart’s truest desires.

13) As we see in art, dreams, stories and even nature herself, certain forms reappear through the ages, springing deep from the well of existence. Such Archetypes – and their energies- form the basis of a universe designed especially to guide us ever inwards to the Truth, in God’s great plan. Heros, saints, learners, spirals, cones, all speak of the same ancient poem, the same grand design.

14) Beyond our highest imaginings lie the dreams of angels and other great beings, right up to the creator-children who made our universe itself. Here, life begetting life is art begetting art- our finest thoughts are our truest ones.

15) Our arts are a training for this great art that awaits us- the very design and maintenance of whole universes, from dust seen in a twinkling eye.

16) If money makes this world go around, Love keeps it alive.

17) Whenever heaven touches Earth with her loving finger-tips, another beauteous moment is born anew. Heaven changes the Earth, but the Earth changes not heaven- for the Earth is a mere grain of sand, floating in Heaven’s vast reaches. The love for a child never ceases, despite it’s misbehavior- but how much effective that love can be with a child who listens with rapt attention!.

18) Beauty is all around us, all within us, flowing eternally. All things are beauty, when cleansed of their misconceptions.

19) Now we grasp to understand the beauty around us and bathe in it’s tranquil light. Yet, tomorrow, we too shall help in the creation of such things, in ever-closer co-operation with the Cosmic Father of us all.

20) Life is a search for the perfection of every person and every thing, in which the only road home leads back to our Creator- to our father- to God.


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