>This site is the home of Essentialism. It started with the great vision of what this could be and will hereby return to it. Language barriers and seemingly complex writings can only get in the way of this, so here we return to the core.

Essentialism was revealed as a way out of the spiraling conflict between fundamentalism with all it’s narrow-mindedness and consumerism, with it’s shallowness and neglect of people’s true humanity. It sees these movements as expressive of man’s greatest longings, yet fatally hobbled by their mistakes. Whilst fundamentalism wants a return to spiritual values, it mistakes dogmas and group-membership for true spirituality, hence becoming a source of bigotry and ignorance that are actually irreligious in nature. Essentialism preaches basic religiosity, but one free from bigotry.

Meanwhile, consumerism taps into our newly acquired prosperity and the coming realisation that whatever we wish for can be ours, for the first time a possibility for the common man that was ever a slave to those above him. Yet it confuses possessions with true desires and pushes whole nations into a mad quest for material objects, that on their own mean nothing. marriages become divorces, wealth becomes inner poverty- and all for what? For progress? Essentilasm preaches a balanced progress in harmony with the universe. All we wish for is ours, but it is the material form of our inner state of bliss, a perfection of our outer life.

Essentialism reaches for what is most important, which is at the same time what is most religious. It isn’t concerned with loyalty to doctrines or particular images of God, there is no emphasis on the infallibility of revealed scriptures. In this, it is very different from any form of fundamentalism, which by it’s very nature involves loyalty to such details. On the contrary, Essentialism is dedicated to the still, quiet voice inside us all, to a God who can say ‘I am what I am’ and hence has multiple revelations, some of which may even seem (though not be) contradictory. Loyalty to any form, be it physical or an idea, is seen as a kind of idolatry. Forms are art, not reality, from the perspective of essentialism- as such there is no harm in any good ones.

Yet, essentialism is not just going along with the ways of society, with workaholism, with prejudice, with being obsessed with acquiring more physical items for their own sake. Prosperity is for happiness, not boasting and it is open to all who sincerely wish for it. Todays possibilities of wealth for anyone are a good thing- we can all have whatever we desire- but we should be free from any pressure to be manipulated into desiring things that aren’t good for us.
Essentialism aims at happiness for all. It aims to soften the heart and give to the needy. It is about the sharing of love throughout the world, not in a sentimental way, but in a real and innocent one. Essentialism is about finding our innocence again and seeing the beauty and glory of life, a life that reflects it’s ultimate ruler’s personality. It is about seeing the magic in the world again and valuing art, poetry, music as final ends even if they don’t produce anything in their own right. Essentialism is about caring for other and helping them when we have a chance. We don’t ignore another’s cry of pain, but we also don’t fall into the trap of believing that life is as desperate as they feel- instead, we lift them up, back to the vision of glory and help them to help themselves.

Essentialism is about helping ourselves by engaging the true power of our imaginative vision, to transform our lives and bring joy to those around us. We key into the infinite power of the universe and let it make the transformations we desire, for this is the way that God works. What we truly wish for is already ours, we simply need to go beneath the surface of impressions that others have mistakenly given us and get back to our own heart’s true desires.

Essentialism is warm-hearted, non-dogmatic and non-ideological. It is based around feeling and connection, more than the power of thought alone- thought merely yet importantly sets the direction. If our minds and hearts are pure, sooner or later, heaven will assist us. This one thing is the most basic thing of all.


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