>Love is as God is

>Love is as God is. I shall try and make those around me more loving, of myself and of one another, as this love is the surest path back to God, the supreme. That which endears them to me can also endear them to Him who sent me to this world. Whilst I am in the world, I shall not be of it. My task is to save people, to spread the ways and means of salvation itself.

The path of salvation is one leading to a peace that this world cannot give- a peace that defies all description. Such a heavenly peace can be apprehended by those with love in their hearts, in their eyes and flowing out of their mouths.

Salvation means to be rescued from a cold and uncaring world, a world that has lost it’s values and it’s moral center. Salvation is to return to the warm streams of the great, cosmic love that enfolds all things. Salvation is an opening of the door to eternal life, the key to that door being the realisation of love.

God will grant all the desires of those that truly have faith in him. Those that commune freely with pure reality will see that all their needs are met, on a moment-to-moment basis. If the ant, the fly, the sparrow and the grasses are all so intimately cared for, why would we be in any way forgotten? Our own efforts should be directed ever more towards praising God and loving His creatures, leaving him and the kingdom to look after our diverse Earthly and emotional needs.

Lest it be mistaken, the God that is best represented as a loving father is also in fact pure reality, a spirit in truth. God can be denied or ignored, but never truly forgotten- even the denial is an acknowledgment of sorts. The good feeling, the comfort of the spirit, all this is a gift from Him. Such things cannot be bought or sold and are the reward of a faithful heart.

So have faith, have love and induce others to the same. Conform no more than is neccessary to a world that has lost it’s way in a vast cosmos ruled by God. All good things will come to you, as all good things will come from you- in the bosom of God’s love.


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