>New Versions of Sayings From Above

>I- Editted on 2/24/08

(Note- These sayings are ever-edited, to improve their clarity of transmission)

Fear is gone with a smile.

Behind the history of war is a history of kindness- which exists in God’s book.

We fly in the spirit more fully than in the air.

The light within burns brightest.

Truth’s light burns away lies.

The path of light stretches to the comic core and, like an umbilical cord, from there to God Himself.

Each one of us is a tiny universe.

Truth is real when we find it for ourselves.

Open your heart and feel the kiss of the universe.

This now we have is all we ever need- live fully and in love with it.

As flower petals fall to Earth, so does heaven manifest in life’s endless beauties.

Love, God, Reality are all names for the essence of life.

When we bless each other, our own blessings multiply- grace invites greater grace.

When we feel at home, we start to heal.


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