>The Way

>The Tao, The Ki, The Way, The Force, God’s Plan; all of these are of the same essence. We need to be in tune with the great stream of our being, something we ourselves generate as a manifestation of our life. As spiritual beings manifesting ourselves in the material dimensions, we create this stream, yet often forget what it is. We need to constantly align ourselves with the reality of our being-ness, to flow smoothly along, learning, loving, being gently carried to our destination in the highest heavens of God.

We need to remember our truest values and thus swim with our stream. Our pain and frustration comes from trying to swim against the current, with mangled conceptions of how things should be, when, in fact, a recognition and unfolding of the way they truly are is the most liberating force of all.

What could be greater than a free-will universe in which we willingly love God by loving one another? In which increasingly wonderful and beautiful forms evolve on planets, finding more and more of their creator as they thrive in sunlight and spiritual foods to come? As we find increasingly better things, we move onwards towards them. This shows our learning of higher morality and of the higher artistic possibilities of the universe.

God and the universe being an artist, we being children of same are likewise artists at heart. We create art simply by purely living our lives, expressing our deepest wishes whenever we live sincerely. Sincerity, sincerity and more sincerity- this is the way to enlightenment.

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