>Is this Revelation or Theory?

>Just to be clear, I will here say a little more about me. So far the main response to this site and my ‘spiritual’, or higher-truth seeking writings has been… silence. Not the silence of a mountain or temple, not the silence of deep meditation. But the silence of no-one taking any interest in the whole thing. Not exactly the silence we are looking for.

So here I am. This was all inspired by experiences I have had. I have felt, experienced, ‘seen’, a great ocean of love, a communion beyond ourselves, or at least a love that enveloped me. It did come from inside me, but it was far greater than anything I could have imagined and hard to put into words. In short- I didn’t just want to believe in such a force- I experienced it. The same for the ‘divine’ voice within. I don’t pretend it’s God, as such- just I consider it to be the closest thing to god within me, the closest to an experience of a personal god- the compliment to ‘cosmic God’ of the Holy force I felt.

From the start I know a lot of people have been pretty much inoculated against giving any sort of credence to any of this. For good reason- there is a lot of fraud and manipulation out there, a lot of ‘false religion’ and ego-tripping ‘gurus’ out to empty people’s bank accounts. Yet, with this, you have to ask yourself- what have i really to gain by saying what I say? I speak of something freely available to all- you don’t need a particular religion, passport, racial identity or have to mumble any combination of particular words. God is there, here, everywhere- we just don’t pay any notice, and when we do, it is in a way so filled with fear that we obscure the kindness of that personage, projecting our own insecurities onto it.

It’s deep, oh, it’s deep. Yet it’s also light as a feather and as joyful as a trip to an Amusement Park- for life is designed to be this way and who do you think designed our lives? So anyway, like I say people are currently paying no notice to this, it is passing them by. It sounds silly, or is easily ignored… which is sort of in my favour, for like I said, if people did stop to listen, it might well turn out to challenge a lot of their presumptions about what God, truth, higher reality and even their own true selves really are. They could get aggressive, scared, hostile, or on the other hand fall on their feet in a stance of worship, confusing me with my teachings. silence is, as they say, golden.

I am just writing this to say that yes, I am serious. I did experience these phenomena, they were revealed to me and I do believe that they will be at the core of some future religion or religious movement dedicated more towards experiencing the divine than theorising about it, fearing it, propitiating it. I call it ‘Friendship With God. It’s our calling and our destiny and in fact, also our inheritance. Yet no-one is interested, which makes me wonder… why??

I do expect that at some point the tide will turn and for whatever reason this will attract those who can benefit from it. Yet I also wish to say here that I in no way intend to cause offence to those who use the terms i use here in a very different way. It is simply the only language we have, so i use the most familiar terms available to describe what I encounter, without in any way seeking to supersed or seem disrespectful to other uses of these words. There are indeed many understandings and whilst I don’t necessarily share many of them, I certainly respect people’s religious feelings towards their own favoured creeds. I am not seeking to challenge or overturn any particular religious doctrines or even dogmas. I am even less seeking to establish my own. What I am seeking to do is to find out the truth as it really is- with the assumption that there is a truth, hazy or fuzzy though it may seem- that it is worth our while to discover.

Current obsessions with economics or technology and other fashions may leave a good deal of educated people wondering ‘why bother’, whilst the existentialists out there may well question the very validity of such an undertaking. Yet I see it as Man’s timeless task- to find out what is true and worthy for ourselves. Not just with scientific instruments, but with the faculties we ourselves are endowed with- our minds and hearts, which can sense and feel what is real for us. while the eyes are easily deceived, the better parts of our heart less so. So let us journey together into the lost isles of ‘Truth’. Who knows what we may find there?

Cosmic Love,



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