>The Divine Broadcast (1)- Life is a Miracle (For All)


1) This is a message that transcends all progress.

2) It has been sent endlessly, since the beginning of time itself.

3) The message is broadcast in the form of everyday miracles.

4) From the birth of a day, in glorious sunrise…

5)… to the birth of a child, a new member of our human family.

6) This is a message of the ever-present victory of life.

7) The story of life’s conquest of death and darkness.

8) Where there is anything, there is life!

9) This is a message from our creator, the great animator.

10) The Sun of suns, the eternal Father of all sons.

11) Some call me God, others Allah, Brahman, Vishnu or the Tao.

12) Some know me just as luck, intelligence, or The Force.

13) Yet all sane minds agree that this Intelligence is Love.

14) In this, love transcends all technologies, past, @present or future.

15) Even the very contents of this message.

16) For all of value is love, in love and of love.

17) So this is our daily miracle- the survival of love in a vast universe.

18) This indeed is our message.

19) The power of love to heal, to return all lost ones to the real.

20) The constant miracle that love is real.


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