>The Divine Broadcast- Prelude

>(Written on 26-27 December 2009)

Here I will serialise a new set of messages. I hope to turn them into the text for a photo book or a video podcast soon. I don’t want to keep them for myself though in the meantime, so here are the words!

(Inspired by what little I know of The Urantia Book and A Course in Miracles , along with the work of countless photographers and other artists, cataloguing the miracles of the Creation every last moment).


1) Every day, small miracles occur,

2) Even if we are unaware of them.

3) Such wonders happen, whether we see them or not.

4) This is the true purpose of our universe.

5) The divine broadcast from our Creator.

6) Giving with an endless, tireless love.

7) The sun of all suns, the son of all sons.

8) Often hidden by vast levels of man-made illusions.

9) Illusions that are so attractive to us,

10) whether it be pain or pleasure that they bring.

11) Yet, we yearn for the truth of God’s words,

12) the nourishment of eternal verities.

11) So sooner or later, we all return to the divine broadcast.

12) A message of constant love and forgiveness, unyielding compassion.

13) The very source of our hope, faith and charity- all that is best in us.

14) That will inevitably rise to the surface, like an opening flower.


One response to “>The Divine Broadcast- Prelude

  • DickB

    >Konichiwa Starfire, Beautiful photography in your video. I've done some videos based on the papers about the life and teachings of Jesus. You can see them at http://www.the spiritualfellowship.org. I'm the webmaster for that site.I'm a 44 year student of the Urantia Book; it's been a great spiritual resource for me. Do you know if there are many students of the Urantia Book in Japan?Namaste, Dick

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