>The Divine Broadcast (4) Evolution (For Children)


1) If our world of experience is medium-sized,

2) When compared to the vastness of space, or the intricacy of the small,

3) Let’s take a look at the small, to see what we can learn.

4) Is heaven as clear here as in the large?

5) Can the small take our breath away?

6) I’d say it can!

7) Also, not being used to it, it can startle us every day.

8) The heavenly of the tiny!

9) The intricacy of developing life!

10) We were once small creatures, but are now huge by comparison.

11) But are we really so big after all?

12) Are we really as strong and powerful as we like to think?

13) Or are we, in truth, no less vulnerable than a sparrow, when seen in the great context of things?

14) Are we just as dependant on God’s loving protection as she?

15) Seeing this, we know we must surely be blessed, just to be alive at all.

16) So we came to a sense of life’s meaning- to be appreciative and thankful, for all that we have-

17) Every last moment, of every single day.

18) For our continued life is indeed a miracle!

19) Just like those of the birds, of whom it is said we evolved from not so long ago (in the great scheme of things)!

20) “The source of all Miracles is Michael himself, for reality is the story of the miraculous taking place”… Miracles are of Michael.


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