Ancestors Arriving

If our ancestors are on the way, presumably, they would probably have alerted the more conscious sections of humanity to their presence in one way or another.

Yet, who would they choose? Who, for them, would be representative examples of humanity, typical in the sense of being well-worked out, sincere, honest and humane? Perhaps the idea that they would go first to government officials or media representatives to ensure that they arrival is widely broadcast may be far from the mark. Such high-powered, competitive and aggressive people are not necessarily the best examples of the humanity they intended to foster on this Earth with their religion and various social and other teachings. The very concept of humanity suggest being humane, which such people, in the constraints of their job environments, can’t always be, as if they were, others would soon take advantage of them.

Also, there may be a preparation through ‘grass roots’ movements intended to precede this. Not wanting to impose their presence or ‘superiority’, which is ultimately technical and evolutionary rather than meaningfully moral, they would rather let themselves be gradually known by the decent people of the world than suddenly impose their power on humanity as a whole. If this is something like the mysterious, personal ways of God, its not because they are God or gods, but because they, having evolved more, are more like him in their wise way of doing things. In fact, they might well appear to us to be gods, which is at present undesirable, as they want to commune and meet with us, rather than be worshipped, a misunderstanding that mankind’s history may well be full of.

To flesh out this idea, I might add the kind of encounters that people have had through the ages with beings from UFO’s. Leaving aside the forgeries, which may well be many, we have a common thread of quite everyday people begin visited. Some of them went on to be prophets or religious teachers, as we can see from the stories which seem to be about this in the Bible, of Ezekiel’s encounter with a flaming chariot for example. Yet a lot of them are just ordinary people, whose lives may well have been changed forever, yet are not fully believed by others. Seeing how visitors from another world would be very scientifically sophisticated, belief, especially blind and unquestioning belief may well not be their intention. Scientific evidence, experiential confirmation, even telepathic communication may well be closer to what they want to encourage in us at this stage of our evolution. Geeks, rather than Bible bashers may well be their target audience and who after all are closer to the gentle, self-willed biblical prophets anyway?

So, let us assume that these visitations have been a frequent feature of our human experience, even a defining one, the same way a dog or horse values contact with a sentient human being. Let us assume also that since our science accelerated, particularly in the post-war years and beyond, so did sightings and even contact with these beings, seeing as we are now, more than ever, ready (or getting there) to naturally, humanely, sweetly communicate with begins who in some ways are our makers. Then could it not be assumed from this that a time would come when their arrival could be a publically acknowledged avert, known to humanity as a whole, a humanity who had carefully been prepared for this, not randomly as the pattern of sightings might seem to us from where we stand now, but rather wisely and intelligently? An intelligence that not only respects our intelligence, but respects us for who we are, alert, intelligent beings capable of amazing things- a fellow sentience many footsteps beyond us but wizened enough not to be arrogant for this reason? A compassionate, warm and loving intelligence, who finds us on the verge of readiness for a more public appearance?

So what can we do to bring this stupendous and monumental event into being? First of all we need to recognise
it’s historical (or, if you prefer, post-historical) inevitability. We need to take in the evidence of past encounters as to what kind of beings our ‘gods’ really are and prepare accordingly, looking at contemporary accounts as well as those embedded so thoroughly in the world’s religions,unfortunately clouded with as many fantasies as facts in the years which followed. Then we need to look at what form such an event might take. In the next post, we will take a closer look at that and prepare for the greatest event to take place after the completion of the whole historical cycle leading up to it, leading to our maturity as a planetary species aware of who and what we are to a sufficient degree to handle contact with a higher form of life in a peaceful and communicative way.

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