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>A Prayer For Appreciation

>On the wings of angels, you saved us
Today, just as down through the ages, as we trust you always will.
You saved us from the laws of the universe,
From the bacteria and insects, which we still fear the most,
From the laws of ‘survival of the fittest’, that could have crushed our spirit,
From the laws of our own societies, when their letter proved tyrannous.

You saved us- not to suffer,
But for greater joys.
Waterfalls, streams, rainbows,
Mountains, jungles, Canyons,
For the animals a home, for us a gallery,
The beauty of creation is all around us.

In awakening our very knowledge of it, you saved us,
In sending countless prophets and artists
Who prod us and shock us to wakefulness,
You save us.
From the dirty pools of trapped water that fears the rush of living streams.
From the dullness of a sleeping mind.

So God, please hear our prayer
Thank you for the beautiful varied world around us
Thank you for the gifts of safety and prosperity
Thank you for reminding us in trillions of ways…
To be thankful to you for all that we have,
For all that you have given us through your Grace.