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>The Way

>The Tao, The Ki, The Way, The Force, God’s Plan; all of these are of the same essence. We need to be in tune with the great stream of our being, something we ourselves generate as a manifestation of our life. As spiritual beings manifesting ourselves in the material dimensions, we create this stream, yet often forget what it is. We need to constantly align ourselves with the reality of our being-ness, to flow smoothly along, learning, loving, being gently carried to our destination in the highest heavens of God.

We need to remember our truest values and thus swim with our stream. Our pain and frustration comes from trying to swim against the current, with mangled conceptions of how things should be, when, in fact, a recognition and unfolding of the way they truly are is the most liberating force of all.

What could be greater than a free-will universe in which we willingly love God by loving one another? In which increasingly wonderful and beautiful forms evolve on planets, finding more and more of their creator as they thrive in sunlight and spiritual foods to come? As we find increasingly better things, we move onwards towards them. This shows our learning of higher morality and of the higher artistic possibilities of the universe.

God and the universe being an artist, we being children of same are likewise artists at heart. We create art simply by purely living our lives, expressing our deepest wishes whenever we live sincerely. Sincerity, sincerity and more sincerity- this is the way to enlightenment.

>Messages to the Universe

>Messages to the Universe (With thanks to Napoleon Hill!)

Work out what you would most like to accomplish or earn.
Decide what you would like to give in return, of equal value.
Write both down on a sheet of paper,
Let God and the universe arrange the rest- they will surely find a miraculous path with which to accomplish it.
Now, more than ever, we are free to choose our destiny.

>Sailing on Cosmic Seas


Glancing at the scientific table of elements, one wonders how the Grand Universe was made from things so small. Then, one realises- even the smallest of things is infinite.

When the first life was seeded on our planet, in that wondrous explosion as the comet hit- imagine the light created! Every day, with the Dawn-breaking of our nearest star, that moment happens anew.

The Light

Sailing cosmic seas between planets, we approach the guiding spirits of the architectural worlds, most especially Edentia. Lifeline to the cosmic source and light of the ages to those great spirits who design and maintain the vast creation, acting co-creationally with The Father with their great degree of knowledge and wisdom, bringing light and truth to lesser beings than themselves to just the necessary degree.

Truth-forgers who devote their lives to purifying and cleansing themselves, to inviting the divine will to manifest itself clearly through them, such will be touched by the gentle and loving manner in which the Great Father maintains the created universes, ensuring carefully, yet utterly effortlessly that-

* Everything has the opportunity to grow into the fullest realisation of it’s inner blueprint
* Nothing that might be too overwhelming is revealed, or even experienced by an evolving being. That which comes to each individual is something that they are ready for, that which is revealed is that which they can comprehend, or at least in some way integrate with their previous experiences.
* The overall balance of the cosmos is maintained despite allowing for such disturbances that are necessitated by the providence of free will, to all of God’s creatures in the created order of the cosmos.
* The seeming contradictions inherent in this arrangement are perfectly, flawlessly and ultimately resolved by the divine intelligence, which can anticipate all possibilities through awareness of all potentialities, Needless to say, such knowledge is rationed out to evolving beings and even immortal personalities on the basis of their neccessity to know, level of curiosity and degree of comprehension. It is on a ‘need to know’ basis’. For the universe is far more than a flatland or holographic reality. In fact, it is a multi-dimentional field of evolving experiences, in which all beings find their way back to their original source.

Life’s Adventure

In all of this, life is not just the learning experiences predicated by the traditions of the academic field. It is a great, vast adventure, in which all the answers are as yet unrevealed, all the questions not yet answered and the final end- a climax of unprecedented beauty and intensity- has yet to be experienced by the evolving soul.

>The Teaching of the Elohim

>The Elohim are those that made us, in their image. Yet we are but children to them. Unto them we turn in our hours of need as does a babe to its mother. So we have done through the centuries, even until now- yet such has been hidden by the clouds of mysticism and superstition. In truth, the cosmos is born of immortal substance, ever-changing and infused with intelligence no less. In such a cosmos dwell countless mortals, and some other immortals, of which the Elohim are some. Few they may be, yet for us they are a vital link. For it was they who created us, and they who populated this planet of ours with the miracle of life. They, too, watch over us through the eons giving the great of us aid, as it was told in the books we call holy.

One day, we too will be able to birth life in the cosmos. Bringing light to barren planetary shells, wonderful vistas of hope to the nether worlds. This shall be our maturity. So here is some light on the path, to help guide us.

Be as are children, for you are but children. Wonder at the glory of the creation, the beauty of earth and stars. Thus shall you preserve life on your world, and remember that it was once indeed barren- yet it never needs return to such a state. Yes, as children you are ecologists, and as adults you are breeders who should concern yourself with the joy of fruitfulness. Greater things are for greater minds- and those you call elders are best at dealing with them with the necessary calmness and maturity. So love one another and be fruitful together. Thus may a planet be bestowed by various species and wondrous life. Do not fear mixing with your fellow humans- whatever their country or ‘race’ of origin. You are all one great family, within which mixing is perfectly safe and allowed. Taboos or assumptions on this matter are nothing more than vain ignorance, born of a technological superiority which does not and never shall extend to your biological selves. All are one. Better you breed in loving-kindness than turn to the cruel instruments of metal.

This is why we say now and forever-

Make love-
Do not make war.

For life- each every and all life- is sacred. Not just to us or to you, but to the whole cosmos in which we dwell. Which we share. So respect this sacredness of life, and thereby respect yourselves. No-one shall tamper with this message or dilute it’s obviously universal import. Once again

Make love
Do not make war.

The most valuable ones amongst you are not the strongest. In fact, they are often your greatest burden as they try to outmatch one another in childish duels. The most special to us, the closest to us that you have yet attained, are the most intelligent among you. For countless centuries our closest children have been shunned, reviled, feared- yet paradoxically turned to in moments of need. This is dangerous, treacherous hypocrisy. You should honour not the strong, but the intelligent. Listen to the, though their strange-sounding notions sting your ears. Behold their wise and wondrous words. Humbly serve them, for with them lies the path to planetary happiness, which has so far almost entirely eluded you. Whatever bad has come from them can be sourced in their own fear of persecution and alienation. They have been reduced to ‘losers’, economic animals, or even paranoid psychopaths. And all because of an alienating superstition that just because most people are indeed stupid, that the stupid should be the leaders, and that true heroes are the ones they choose…

Above your statues of brave warriors, erect those of great thinkers, of humanitarians. Your taste for the toxic has almost made you extinct before- do not allow it to happen again. Use your IQ testing without fear, and invest in your space programs, the queen of technology. All else will follow. Think big! Thereby the small things are remarkably easy!

Intelligence is love, and love intelligence.
Violence is always the product of stupidity and ignorance. If it persists and spreads, it can only be to wrongly elevate the barren minded and stupid. They should serve the thoughtful and not the other way around!

Does a lab technician instruct a scientist?
A student their teacher?
For something closer to your cruelly mislead hearts- does a soldier instruct his commander?

This is so simple, yet it has eluded you and has been excluded from each and every of the misguided systems you employ on your planet. This is why, of course, that life there is so tragic and short. Who gave you medicine, who gave you thought itself? Honour that and those that gave it, not the overblown egos of tragic mistakes.

When this makes any sense at all, you will have arisen.

The intelligent may never be your leaders, as such, but they should and will guide your leaders, until you need leaders no more. Such they have done, in the background, over centuries, their humble egos needing little praise. Yet it is to them you should listen, as much as possible, if life is to be happier on this little world you call the earth.

This is the path to planetary consciousness- what is otherwise known as the global village. This refers to a benign social arrangement, which is not merely experimental in nature. Hence, it can be permitted to safely extend throughout the entire world and thereby be functional. This would, of course, imply the end of all conflicts and deep rooted superstitious prejudices. Otherwise the world would not truly be united- but instead really be still divided. This is the current situation- with a ‘United Nations’ presiding over a collection of often conflicting states. The Nations are still divided, and not yet truly united. What we envision is remarkably different and would seem ‘too good to be true’- especially to the strongest countries, such as the USA. Yet, it is an inevitable part of progress, if progress is to come.

It would of course necessitate peacefulness. The level of cooperation necessary to design and build starships would be truly international, and hence the very existence of one is the signature of a world at (at least relative) peace. All beings operating starships have reached such a level. Its very construction would be stymied by internal conflicts within the planet.

>Universe Facts for Your Comfort


Universe Facts of Comfort

We have to remember certain facts when we look at the universe and even at our lives and these facts can help us to deal with feelings of loss, if not to entirely eradicate them. For to eradicate such feelings might rob us of the very chance to learn from them,- so for now we must have them, but we can at least deal with them in context.

Here are some of these certain facts that make loss bearable and joy more real-

No-one really ever dies- they simply transform to a new body and continue to live and evolve elsewhere. In fact their death or departure from this sphere may have been a necessary step in their soul’s evolution – remembering that in this universe, evolution is the name of the game.

When someone leaves your life, you may miss them, but they do carry on living, experiencing, enjoying, in this world or another. If such a separation takes place remember that it is only God who we depend upon for life- not any particular creatures.

Emotional bonds last forever, all returns. That is, our true and heartfelt feelings have great value in the cosmos and are certainly noticed and cherished, even by creatures or angels beyond our sphere. Doing good, doing right is recognized supremely- as man is not the ultimate adjudicator- Truth an the dispenser of truth – God- is. We are not alone, infinite creatures are connected to us.

The only real advantage is doing the right thing and in the sum of all days this will be recognised. the fact that ‘business’ or corrupt ‘governments’ fail to always see this is quite irrelevant as their power is relatively small in the universe as a whole, even if it can be great in our lives. The strength of God protects us. Always. In all ways.