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>Divine Broadcast (5) The Life of the Divine (For Philosophers)


1) In the life of the divine, there are no tomorrows.

2) There are no yesterdays to regret,

3) Only endless presents, playing out simultaneously.

4) Filled with joy at the freedom of existence.

5) There is no knowledge of sadness,

6) For in this endless present, all wounds are as healed.

7) All problems are resolved,

8) Just as the sunset warms even the most difficult of days,

9) With her warm, soft and inspiring light.

10) So does truth melt away our folly,

11) Revealing the grandeur of a far greater vision-

12) The truth of the divine.

>The Divine Broadcast (4) Evolution (For Children)


1) If our world of experience is medium-sized,

2) When compared to the vastness of space, or the intricacy of the small,

3) Let’s take a look at the small, to see what we can learn.

4) Is heaven as clear here as in the large?

5) Can the small take our breath away?

6) I’d say it can!

7) Also, not being used to it, it can startle us every day.

8) The heavenly of the tiny!

9) The intricacy of developing life!

10) We were once small creatures, but are now huge by comparison.

11) But are we really so big after all?

12) Are we really as strong and powerful as we like to think?

13) Or are we, in truth, no less vulnerable than a sparrow, when seen in the great context of things?

14) Are we just as dependant on God’s loving protection as she?

15) Seeing this, we know we must surely be blessed, just to be alive at all.

16) So we came to a sense of life’s meaning- to be appreciative and thankful, for all that we have-

17) Every last moment, of every single day.

18) For our continued life is indeed a miracle!

19) Just like those of the birds, of whom it is said we evolved from not so long ago (in the great scheme of things)!

20) “The source of all Miracles is Michael himself, for reality is the story of the miraculous taking place”… Miracles are of Michael.

>Divine Broadcast (3)- Grandeur (For Artists)


1) We live on in cities or towns, surrounded by land.

2) Land that is surrounded by oceans.

3) Oceans that are surrounded by clouds upon clouds.

4) Hence, thanks to the force of gravity, we have a world,

5) Spinning through time and space,

6) Spinning around a sun.

7) A sun that may well spin around far distant suns, who gave life to him just as he did our planets.

8) All of this spinning in a vast galaxy.

9) Spinning around a central galaxy in an even vaster universe.

10) Spheres around spheres, with one thing in common-

11) All were designed with the prospect of intelligent life in mind.

12) All are blessed with God’s eternal love.

>The Divine Broadcast (2)- Inner Truth (For Seekers)


1) Every moment, countless miracles occur.

2) Even on the smallest of levels, life gives birth to life.

3) Challenges that may seem insurmountable are gracefully overcome.

4) No sincere effort is left unaided by these miracles of grace.

5) So yes- life is, in short, miraculous!

6) So why do we so often fail to see it as so?

7) The answer is ego-created illusion.

8) A world placed like a veil over our real one.

9) For the tastes and colours we perceive are mere shadows of the actual ones.

10) Fear and sometimes even panic interfere, diluting our experience of God’s unconditional love.

11) Scared of others, we start to love objects more than the people they were made for.

12) We start to even be afraid of dangers from our own shadows, our own dark side.

13) This shadow world, the world of whispering thoughts and newspaper headlines, is all around us…

14) Or is it?

15) Is it really inside us, projected, cloaking our inner reality…

16) … Our inner infinity?

17) Battles in the outer world may be fought and even won, but the war to get back to our selves will never be won there.

18) For it is inside that truth thrives and here lies our freedom.

19) A sheltered place where no fear or confusion can enter.

20) A reality free from the perils of the illusion we call ‘reality’.

“The Kingdom of God is within”- Jesus of Nazareth.

>The Divine Broadcast (1)- Life is a Miracle (For All)


1) This is a message that transcends all progress.

2) It has been sent endlessly, since the beginning of time itself.

3) The message is broadcast in the form of everyday miracles.

4) From the birth of a day, in glorious sunrise…

5)… to the birth of a child, a new member of our human family.

6) This is a message of the ever-present victory of life.

7) The story of life’s conquest of death and darkness.

8) Where there is anything, there is life!

9) This is a message from our creator, the great animator.

10) The Sun of suns, the eternal Father of all sons.

11) Some call me God, others Allah, Brahman, Vishnu or the Tao.

12) Some know me just as luck, intelligence, or The Force.

13) Yet all sane minds agree that this Intelligence is Love.

14) In this, love transcends all technologies, past, @present or future.

15) Even the very contents of this message.

16) For all of value is love, in love and of love.

17) So this is our daily miracle- the survival of love in a vast universe.

18) This indeed is our message.

19) The power of love to heal, to return all lost ones to the real.

20) The constant miracle that love is real.

>The Divine Broadcast- Prelude

>(Written on 26-27 December 2009)

Here I will serialise a new set of messages. I hope to turn them into the text for a photo book or a video podcast soon. I don’t want to keep them for myself though in the meantime, so here are the words!

(Inspired by what little I know of The Urantia Book and A Course in Miracles , along with the work of countless photographers and other artists, cataloguing the miracles of the Creation every last moment).


1) Every day, small miracles occur,

2) Even if we are unaware of them.

3) Such wonders happen, whether we see them or not.

4) This is the true purpose of our universe.

5) The divine broadcast from our Creator.

6) Giving with an endless, tireless love.

7) The sun of all suns, the son of all sons.

8) Often hidden by vast levels of man-made illusions.

9) Illusions that are so attractive to us,

10) whether it be pain or pleasure that they bring.

11) Yet, we yearn for the truth of God’s words,

12) the nourishment of eternal verities.

11) So sooner or later, we all return to the divine broadcast.

12) A message of constant love and forgiveness, unyielding compassion.

13) The very source of our hope, faith and charity- all that is best in us.

14) That will inevitably rise to the surface, like an opening flower.