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>The Eden Dialogues

>A Sneak Preview of The Eden Dialogues

Here is a peek at The Eden Dialogues, which is going to be something like Neal Donald Walsh’s popular Conversations With God series. Please note that the final draft may be very different from this text, which is only now emerging.

After many years of interest in meditation and religion I seem to have, for whatever reason, established the clear contact with God that many have hoped for. I am receiving answers to many questions this way; though the basic question of whether this ‘really is’ God remains an issue. In this chapter, before I continue with what could be a self-deceptive experience, I decide to put this to the test and find out who the inner voice I am communicating with really is…

Part VI- Who is this God Person, Anyway?

Me- Let’s get to the point. Are you really God?

God- I said I am, didn’t I? Or, rather, you said I am!

Me- Hey, it’s important. You said something just before that made me wonder about that. You spoke of ‘beings like me’- now one of the most basic things about God that I have always been told, is that there is only one of Him.

God- Or Her.

Me- Okay, or Her.

God- Or Them.

Me- Huh? Don’t remember that one!

God- The Holy Trinity, the Hindu Trimurti, the Urantia Book Creator Sons? Ever heard of them?

Me- But there is only one God, right?

God- Right- with many faces for you to see, though.

Me- Like the Hindu statues of beings with many faces, looking in all directions?

God- Something like that, but I want you to understand in another way, something more closely related to what you read, but didn’t completely understand, in The Urantia Book.

In actual fact, the ancients had a point when they posited the existence of many beings that could be God, ‘the gods’, just as later generations were right to say that there was ‘only One’. In truth, I am many in one and one in many- but not really like the ancient gods with all their petty squabbles- squabbles that, by the way were really a way of the ancient writers to teach you about your own psychology as human beings, evolving on the Earth.

I am One, Holy, at peace, yet I can be anything I choose to be- so it makes sense to have a variety of impressions- no one particular one is definitive, though the very highest conception, in any given civilisation, is the one closest to the truth.

Me- Ah, this does go along very well with what I have studied and thought on the matter over the years.

God- Well, who’s idea was that, do you think?

Me- Mine, er, yours, er ‘ours’?

God- Bingo!

Me- I hope you don’t annoy any readers by keeping on saying that!

God- What do you suggest- I think it’s best if I’m totally inoffensive, don’t you? Child-friendly and everything- after all, I am speaking to my children through you.

Me. Hmm, you do have a point. Still, I want to pursue this further if it’s okay.

God- Be my guest. In fact, be whoever you want to be!

Me- Yes, well, let’s not get sidetracked.

God- No that would be terrible, wouldn’t it, not going where you intended, unexpected detours and everything. Carry on, you’re the boss- in a manner of speaking, of course.

Me- Okay, anyway, I wanted to ask, I’ll do it now.

God- Go on, spill the beans, just be ready to sweep them up afterwards, though!

Me- Right, nice. Oh, I’ve almost forgotten- yes- here it is-

God- I’m listening.

Me- You say you are God and I believe, taking into account my own inevitable ‘dilution of your purity’ with my own mind interfering, that this could well be true.

God- Right- it could well be true, in fact, I’d say that… it is!

Me- Well, isn’t there any chance that you are not actually, in person, the infinite God we hear of in the Bible, but actually a representative, a kind of, sorry if it sounds disrespectful…

God- Oh, don’t worry about that!

Me- … well, I was going to say… some kind of secretary for God?

God- Ouch, that hurts! How would you like it is someone said that about you… oh, look, someone just did!

Me- Who?

God- You!

Me- Okay, well it seems a little submissive to put it that way, but I don’t mind too much.

God- Then neither do I.

Me- Well, how about ‘Messenger for God’?

God- Like that better?

Me- Well, it seems a little dated, I mean with telephones and email, we don’t really have so many messengers these days.

God- Any other ideas?

Me- Well, how about reporter- no they are always getting drunk, it seems… blogger- too subculture, interviewer… too literal. Well, what do you suggest?

God- Hmm, how about ‘Messenger’? That’s a time-honoured phrase with a nice ring to it.

Me- Anyway, titles aside, I got sidetracked again!

God- No, really? You don’t say!

Me- I want to be really clear who you are. I mean to say, what if it turned out that you are just a messenger or sorts; you, the one I call God in this conversations- well, that would mean that there is something higher that you. Then, whilst it wouldn’t be accurate to say that you aren’t God, it might make sense to call you an angel or something.

God- Oh, I’m no angel, at least that’s what many would say- but then again, as they say, who could be one in this world?

Me- Well, if you aren’t an angel, isn’t it just possible that- that all this time I have just been talking to myself? Is that what you are saying?

God- Oh, don’t be so hard on yourself, you’re not so boring as you think, as a matter of fact, I’m rather enjoying our conversations.

Me- You are… you mean I am… oh, I’m getting a bit confused, now.

God- I did suggest you don’t ask too many questions.

Me- Phew- God, give me strength!

God- Here you are, just as you asked!

Me- Okay, I want to get to the bottom of this.

God- Are you sure there is a bottom- why not get to the top, then?

Me- Are you or are you not God- the Holy Father, the infinite ruler of the universe? Or are you in fact some kind of spirit-being, playing at being God just to either amuse yourself, or, more optimistically, to help people? Did God permit you to play at being him, to reach us? Put simply- are you or are you not God?

God- So you want a straight answer, no games, the truth of it all?

Me- Yes. Please.

God- I am no more God than you are- and no less God either.

Me- So I am talking to myself- it is all just me?

God- Well is this the highest, most perfect and kindest way you can imagine yourself- is this the highest perfection of yourself that you can imagine- subconsciously, as well as consciously, if such a thing were possible?

Me- Yes, I suppose it is- wise, humourous, all-knowing without being a know-it-all. I suppose this is the perfect person, in my book.

God- Then I am your…

Me- God?

God- Your God, the god you made, by realising me in yourself- your Self, not your everyday, flawed personality of ‘self’.

Me- So are you still the God of everyone?

God- Well, are you the same as everyone else?

Me- In some ways, yes- my fears, my needs, many of my dreams, certainly in my desire to find happiness, we all share that, just different things make us happy.

God- Do they really?

Me- Well, we look for happiness in different places, we have different hobbies, loves and so on.

God- That is one kind of happiness. But is there maybe one ‘place’, a place that isn’t a place, that has no name in your language as such, but is called many things, where you all can find eternal, imperishable happiness?

Me- You mean Heaven, Paradise, Nirvana- that’s where our happiness is, that’s where God is to be found, not in this world?

God- I never said not in this world. Just not of this world, not a product of the lifestyles and societies which are so popular here. Beyond, yet in this world, like a greater circle absorbing a smaller one- but not just in that 2-dimentional sense, but stretching into every dimension.

Simply put, I am far greater and my Kingdom immeasurably vaster than your world is. There is no beginning or end to me or my ‘world’; whereas yours can be measured in miles, mine can only be defined by what it is not, of what it is greater than and cannot be limited to.

Me- Like the saying, ‘All the grains of sand on all the beaches of all the world are far less than the worlds in God’s hand’?

God- Right, exactly.

Me- So you are God, but God is greater than what I can see, with more to be revealed later, when I’m ready?

God- Right- ‘Bingo’- BINGO!!

Me- One more time, I want to be sure. You’re not just a spirit playing games? Playing charades, dressing up as God?

God- This is something you will always wonder, as will many others who get to hear of this. My point is, that it is not so important- if the truth is true and if this is the truth, that is what matters most. Not who is saying it to you, in you, from you, or even as you.

Me- Just for curiosity’s sake- not as a judgement- despite what you are saying, I find it just too hard to believe. Are you really a spirit-being, with your own name- can you tell me, please?

God- All you and your readers need to know is that this is coming from God and that only God deserves to be worshipped- nothing incomplete deserves such honours.

Me- So are you an anonymous spirit being, you wish to remain nameless?

God-My name in your language is Michael- this is the name of God.

Me- Any connection with any friends I may have with that name?

God- No more so than all the people in South America called Jesus. A name is just a name, but my name; the name of God, when used correctly, is sacred.