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Our Ancestors

There is a widely held opinion that, as we approach the end of this world cycle, we reach a point in which a nexus of elements will ensure we evolve to the next level of beingness. Just as a teenager grows into an adult, so do we as a race. Evidence of this happening is to be found in our highest technologies, which in a make or break system, we have survived. Despite repeated uses of nuclear weapons and disasters involving nuclear technologies, we are still here. Problems regarding our uses of genetic technology have yet to emerge, yet is increases in sophistication by leaps and bounds. How can we have such knowledge without growing up from within as well?

This leads us to another historical inevitability- the re-establishment of contact with our technologically proficient ancestors. Whilst it may well be true that God is at the source of all creation or evolution, that doesn’t mean he chooses to do everything directly, as a dictator would. Rather, he allows the universe to evolve itself, in accord with basic helpful blueprints. God is a God of love, not force.

Yet it is easy to postulate that we have ancestors existing in the universe, perhaps not so far away, but what could we know about them? Well, if they are in fact ancestors, who helped not only breed us in our primitive state and perhaps level up our ancient genetic code by actually inter-breeding with us, there would probably be records of them kept somewhere. as some have postulated (though I’ll admit, never proved). One of the most interesting examples of this is the account given by the Dogon tribe, in Sudan, who say that beings from the sky came down and bred with us, teaching farming and other skills in our collective infancy. Not only that, but they claim to recall where they originated- from one of the twin stars of Sirius (yes, I’m serious!). They hold that they are amphibious, fish-like beings (Admiral Akbar, perhaps), which, with our love for all things aquatic might well be something we have in common with them. You can see more here.

In the next post, we will look at who our ancestors may well be and their methods for having communication for us even now.