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>Sayings from Above

>I- Added on 4/22/07

(Note- These sayings are ever-edited, to improve their clarity of transmission)

Nothing banishes fear like a warm smile.

The secret history of kindness lives forever.

When men discovered airplanes, they forgot how to fly.

Cherish the light within you most.

Lies flee when the truth appears.

Angels guard us in constancy.

Small though we are, we’re as important as the entire universe.

The greatest truth is the one we find ourselves.

If you let it, the sun will kiss you.

Live life as if today was you last.

Heaven falls to earth as a flower-petal.

God’s very being is His love.

Whenever we bless another, we bless ourselves as well.

Let God heal you, by making you feel at home.

II- Added on 5/20/07

The darkness we really fear is that within ourselves.

The only thing we really fear is our own dark imaginings.

Yet Angels of mercy guide us on the paths of light.

In faith is a life which resurrects those parts of us trapped by sin.

Sin hurts us- that outside of us can do no lasting harm.

Faith in God is the surest protection from sin of all.

Guardian angels watch us every step of the way- that invisible footprint following ours is of them.

God to Gods to Creator-Sons to Angels to Messiahs… for we are never alone.

Eternity stretches as far above us as within us… the endless spirals of life in life.

III- Added on 5/31/07

Mysteries of existence-

Why did God make the world with so much more beauty than we can possibly comprehend?

Why do so few people find the time to relax and enjoy the beauty of the world, when it is all around them?

With imagination, man can make a heaven of hell… or a hell of heaven.

(to be continued…)

>Taking Up the Cause of God

>Let me take up the cause of Eternal God, Lord of the Universe.

For does Satan not already have enough followers, in the false churches and boardrooms of the lands?

Let someone take up God’s cause,

To speak words of justice, righteousness and truest love.

Let me be one of his loyal servants.

It says as first commandment- “Love the Lord Your God with all of your heart and all of your soul”

Yet such love is given more commonly to Mammon, Maya, the host of myriad things.

Such has been the way for Millennia and will not quickly change.

I shall elucidate the situation in the following, so that those who wish to know may do so,

That we are forever called away from our selfish wills and into God’s whole one,

So that the very meaning of life may be made clear.

The Nature of The Rebellion
For the very beginning, when God breathed life into spirit-beings

It was clear that they would be encouraged, but not compelled to do His will,

To co-operate in the ordering of the unfolding Cosmos.

Great angels were given tasks in the measure of their granditude.

The joy and love this filled them with- joys and loves beyond the sphere of our imagining,

Was reward enough, as they gave more, so dids’t God’s spirit fill them with more to bestow.

The reward was in the action, a thing they understood not just philosophically, but in their experience from, one moment to the next,

As the assisted in the building of worlds and the administering of divine civilisations thereon

So is the vast Super-Temple of the Cosmos, the 7 universes as ordered by God, where freedom reigns throughout.

Yet for one higher angel, the joy of serving gave way to the search for other pleasures,

The desire to replace by denial the God from whom his powers and joys had come.

He would declare himself Lord, not content with his already lofty status as System Sovereign and claim the real God as simply non-existent.

Other angels followed, seduced by promises of greater power and the deceit that power over others is somehow greater than that spent in loving service.

Hence the problems in our planet and local system started, it’s administrative government corrupted, only to be fully replaced with the coming of Christ some 2,000 years ago, whist still much power is in the wrong hands.

Hence a situation that many mistake for the reluctance of God to solve our imminent problems, really one in which the powers originally granted to the rebellious angels and since thoroughly twisted by them into unrecognisable forms cannot simply just be taken away but rather need to be dealt with by divinely-loyal angels in the appropriate manner.

For God is a God of relatives, not one of absolutes- for in absolutes there can be no freedom, whereas in relatives there are infinite opportunities for various experiences.

To be Aligned with God

So, to align ourselves with God is to align ourselves with infinite rather than occasionally awesome and shocking powers that are simply finite. It is to align ourselves with selfless goodness, not with tactical and misleading displays of seeming good intentions.

It is a path to our true perfection whether or not we simply seek it- for any level of mind or intention can be a good one so long as we are enveloped in the will of The Divine.

It is a path that has it’s own hidden teachings, but no secret ones, all things being gradually revealed as the time is right, so as to enrich our hearts without confusing or controlling them.

Irony of ironies, our true freedom is in serving Him who made us, not in seeking to do simply as we please, except in the many cases in which the two naturally co-incide.

For The Lord, creator and Lord of nature just as much as of us, does not contradict such natures as we have but reveals their true meanings to those ready to know of them.

Service to Others and Self-Maintenance

Whilst God does NOT want us to turn our powers over to the rebellious ones, neither does he want us to tie them up and become ‘little people’ incapable of happiness or self-expression. Our sacrifice is not of our nature or of happiness- God is a liberating God, as any giver-of life must needs be.

Let not the various mis-representations of divinity blind you to the actuality of the divine love and grace in it’s true and gloriously generous form.

Any sacrifices asked of us are in the name of a higher liberation and a higher joy. Any sufferings are unintended consequences of ours or other’s sins.

Higher worlds of indescribable beauty and joy await us on the path of angelic and God-perfection. These are just as real as our own and in terms of their clear revelation, even more so.

Yet even so, God wants us to be free to enjoy the life we have now, a freedom that can only come from following Him and thinking for ourselves that this is the way to go.

Hence the bizarre phenomenon (from a believer’s perspective) that a wise atheist is so much closer to the path of Truth than a deluded theist. Such is the unfortunate spread of false ideas pertaining to God.

The description is not the described.

Any story concerning god that contradicts His basic benevolent attributes is a false one- in this manner and with the aid of god’s Holy Spirit, can you discern the true from the false.

The powers of our mind and that of cosmic mind go together- to reach just for one is a path of delusion and the source of many a false teaching, with all the pain and suffering they cause.

The rational and the divine go together, science and art/religion are friends.

God reveals to those who seek, so seek and you shall find.

Our own life is the path to transcendence, we are given none other. So make the most of it.

Paths to Transcendence

God has revealed many of these both to us and our forefathers-

Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation, Worship, Melodic Music, Art, Nature-appreciation, Delicious foods, Exercise, Helping others

None is above any other, yet some depend on one another, whilst some may suit some natures more than others will.

It may be seen the masters of many of these forms, let us call them ‘true arts’ for now, have often come from the most humble of backgrounds, or have abandoned the ways and customs of higher ones.

Let this be further evidence of God’s omnipresence, that he is just as real to those below us as to those level as above. He is quite simply everywhere, all of the time.

The many-armed or eyed Eastern deities are a visual allusion to this, however grotesque they may at first appear to Western eyes.

Everybody seeks transcendent experience, the question being how safe and authentic ones can be offered.

For there are more things in Heaven and Earth than are dreamt of in our philosophies- a fact known deep in our hearts.

The societies of the future won’t just provide avenues for transcendence, they will fully emphasise them, yet they always need be balanced by the mundane realities of Earthly Existence.

For now, we should seek our spiritual food, whilst making sure that it of the nutritious thought.

>The Birth of Essentialism


I had a wonderful experience recently. during a boring meeting at school, my mind started to wonder off. I was transported to a beautiful green location with a rushing waterfall and a trickling stream. It was some heavenly region- the stream was alive with intelligence and glistening with colour from the sun. A wise, kind angel was speaking to me, teaching me what to teach to you.

The first priority should be seeing that everyone has enough to eat and shelter over their heads. ‘Blessed are the Poor’ said Jesus- which to my mind says we should cherish and look after the poor, not scorn them as so many still do. The next step would be basic education and freedom from harm. After that would come higher education and spiritual education and so on- all prioritised according to the level of need. The world itself would of course be focusing enormous resources on helping the developing countries to at least have a decent level of stability and comfort. Such issues would be major issues, not side-issues.

He taught me that there is indeed a longing for more religion so as to give people meaning and a sense of purity in their lives- but as so often happens most of this was misdirected or even misguided. The large fundamentalist movements may seem dangerous but they stem from a real sense that something is wrong and our lifestyles should be corrected. But rather than fundamentalism, which bases itself on a return to being obedient to scriptures in a literal sense- why not move with the times but keep true to the essence of them? This could be called Essentialism- a movement which focuses first and foremost on what is most essential, prioritising in a good and decent manner. It also reads the essence of what is taught in the scriptures- loving one another, not getting jealous, making situations more peaceful- the feelings that the scriptures encourage us to nourish within ourselves. These feeling-values are more basic than the behavioural rules which mainly reinforce cultural identities these days, despite their religious underpinning.

It’s not so much about believing in God as in doing God’s will – a reluctance to reduce things to set doctrines that Jesus himself seems to demonstrate in his disputes with the literalistic and hence often sophistic Pharisees. Full of words but poor in sincerity, successful on the surface but poor when it came to the essential issues of life and hence unable to grasp the realities of Eternal Life.

This could in a sense be confused with socialism but it is friendly to religious feeling and also to the arts and accepting of the free market- above all, the main difference being that this comes from an expression of compassion rather than as a centralised source of politicised power, with all the problems that brings. Of course, it is to some extent socialistic, yet if a comparable form of organisation was wanted, it would be the charities.

But just imagine it- a whole world revolving around the teachings of Essentialism, reading religious texts not to find literal meanings, nor dark mystic secrets, but to find the spirit of doing the right thing at the right time and all being happier for it. This is the promise of Essentialism, as taught by a great angel, beside the glistening, laughing stream of life.