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On Opportunities

Recently, I have been wondering about how opportunities enter the world and what is really going in with them. First of all, opportunities can in some ways appear as in-causal- they appear out of the blue, it seems, as nothing we can do can make them manifest. We can prepare for opportunities, we can make the most of them, we can even learn how best to recognize them. But one thing we can’t do, any more than we can create a bright, sunny day, is bring them into being.

Try as we might, they are something beyond our control to manifest, at least in terms of our waking consciousness. They are a gift from God’, a blessing.Yet it is in our own hands how we appreciate this blessing.

Now, before I go on to say more, I want to note that this blog is primarily a spiritual one, but it takes the view that the spiritual in every way can affect the material. There is no hard and fast line between the two. Yet whilst for most people the real is best embodied from their experience in the physical, material reality they inhabit, we take the view that the spiritual is in fact primary and expressing itself through the material world, rather than it being merely the subtotal of people’s dreams and imaginations. Nothing good comes from the material world as such, it is incapable of emanating spiritual values of love, truth or beauty. They are from the spiritual that supersedes and precedes it on every level. The invisible made manifest, if you like. My intention is not to argue the case, as this is something that can be demonstrated, but perhaps not proved. A hard-core materialist will not be convinced in any case, and trying to do so is way out of the scope of what we are attempting to elucidate here, though even so we hold that divinity will eventually, through it’s manifestations, make it’s presence known in all lives and all will eventually be ‘convinced’.

Whilst we cannot control the manifestation of opportunity, the appearance of genuine reward, we can invite it into our lives. Our consciousness is not left defenseless. It is perfectly natural that people seek for opportunities, that they train and practice for jobs with the intention that they get employed to use those specific skills. The problem in so many cases is not whether this dream is realistic or not, but whether they are going about it in a way that is likely to produce the affect they desire. In a sense, what is realistic is governed most primarily by what, deep down we feel is realistic. Not that by force of will or good habits we can manifest it… more to the point by such good habits and a pure, crystal-clear mind we can just invite it, sending a signal to the intelligent cosmos that we are ready.

My philosophy is, in a nutshell, ‘as above, so below’. Just as we have training and interviews for earthly jobs, so do the same things happen on a spiritual level. The invisible world is peopled by a host of beings, spirits and angels, who are entrusted to run the cosmos through a process originating and ultimately directed by God the Father, a cosmic father who knows each of us intimately and cares with a complete and loving heart. This may sound sentimental, but why shouldn’t it be true? That being said, if people find it hard to believe in this, it doesn’t disqualify them from his help. The government is in charge, whatever people think about it. Unemployment insurance can’t be denied people just because they have a hostile attitude towards authority, for instance. Their opinion is up to them, it may well be based upon bad experiences, though it is hoped that they will eventually differentiate between unworthy authorities working in their own interests and legitimate ones deserving of their respect. Mature people will also co-operate with important necessities whether or not they respect those ordering them.

People shouldn’t steal from shops, for example, whether or not they respect the shopkeeper or the police in charge of ensuring security. We are living in a universe made and upheld by God, whether or not we acknowledge that God and love him for all that he has done. A free universe, or a free country could operate one another way. You are no more forced to bow before images representing God than those of a decent secular leader. This, indeed, is a sign of both God’s security in his infinite power and his tolerance of human freedom. Although he would love to be worshipped and realises all the good it could do for his creatures, he neither requires nor demands it. there are indeed other ways to reach him and in a sense many indirect ways to be worshipful… what counts most of all in this is how we lead our lives.

So, in this roundabout way, we come to the central thesis here- that opportunities are something we attract by having a clear and open mind and by being ready for them. The universe is neither as chaotic nor as random as it appears. The incredibly complex connection between forces operating in it may at first appear to be randomness, but this can be seen through by seeing the patterns that lie behind this, which a discerning mind can see through the smoke, as it were, or by just having a childlike faith that all is being divinely directed from on high and not being troubled by the convolutions that could easily obscure it. These are in a sense the religious and ‘scientific’ methods- faith or reason and are not mutually exclusive- you can have faith and still have an urge to understand. This is using the word science in the broad sense of rational reasoning, not in the narrow definition of the activities of professional scientists in their spheres of enquiry.

So it has been shown that opportunities do arise, but how to make the most of them? First, we have to go with their flow, see where they take us. If it is to a place we don’t wish to be, we certainly have the right to withdraw or define the boundaries which we are comfortable with. There is no force, no pressure. Just opportunity, waiting to be found, invited, by our very attitude to life welcoming it.

Risen Before the World

Now, I am risen in glory before the world. Once, showing my meekness, I was alternatively praised and scorned, loved and feared, seen and ignored- whilst now I reveal my true glory, untouchable by the world of change and these dimensions of seemingly limited illusions. In love I came and in love I shall depart, never really to leave, but merely to wait for the right time to appear again.

My body of light is in truth like the essence within you all, would you but know it. My mastery over the powers of ‘life’ and ‘death’, your inheritance just as much as mine; as beings of eternity needing none other than love and light to sustain your true and unsullied natures.

Yet it is not with these teachings of ultimate truth only that I wish to leave you. They are things you will learn in due course, if you just open your eyes, your real eyes, those of the spirit- to truth. I want to be sure to leave you, for this moment, with the knowledge of the immanent, the trut of the world around you, within you, right now, accessible now. That is- to love. To love your neighbour, your friend, your enemy, even your inner self- just as you would yourself, giving whatever you can to their happiness, their safety, their feeling of belonging.

This inner choice is the path to peace that you all seek, the way to fulfillment. It will not always be easy to love one another; but if anything in me is valued by you, this is what you can do for me. The simplest of things can seem the hardest. Yet, in truth, it is the only meaning to be found in the seemingly endless cycles of illusion opening up before you, on your great journey back to The Father himself.

I leave you with this, my love, the spirit of love. Have faith that it will endure, no matter what Earthly distraction seems to obscure it, not for a moment will it leave you, not for a moment. In time, you will be ready for the spirit of truth in all it’s glory. To see the truth in all things, infinite and eternal, shining like a light from within them. Until then, love those around you for who they are, seeing the goodness in them you can help to heal them, to return them, so that they remember their divine origin; so easily forgotten in a comparative wasteland of illusions, so soon to pass when the time of the great remembering arrives.

I Came not to See or Conquer, I Came in Love.

To show that even in a world that faces so much confusion, creates so much needless misery, there is still hope- not just hope for a better future, but hope for a realised present. The signposts of love breath from every tree, every flower, emerge with every blossom. They warm the heart, bearing fingerprints of divinity wherever they appear.

Appear they will, bidden or not- yet they will only appear to those who choose to focus on them- for here lies the choice; to love or not to love, to experience the mirror of our own soul’s inner beauty or to see illusions in it instead. To feel the warmth of God’ loving hands, as reflected though our selves, or to pass by, heedless and ignorant. We always have the choice.

Which leads me to say- what really is love- can we ever be totally devoid of it? I would have to say- no, not at all- for love is our very essence, the very makeup of our being. In the beginning was the Word and the word was love. How indeed could it be any other way, for what other pathway is there to and from eternity?

Love is here in whatever the degree- and the greater the degree, the greater the joy, whether or not happy circumstances immediately accompany it’s realisation. At the base there is love for oneself, or the pursuit of those activities that one loves. Then it grows- some would say with maturity, though I’d qualify that by saying it is the particular road to maturity chosen- to love of another, then love of the family that they co-create (much as we already co-create our lives with God, whether consciously or not). Some let this grow further, into love for their country or religion, or even for the world as a whole. The ultimate growth is love for everyone around us- a love based on the former ones, yet just as steady and vital as hem. Such a love is much more than mere wishful thinking- it is the very realisation of who we are, moment by moment loving the appearances of God around us, His manifestation in others- and loving them for who they are.

Mere abstract love can be no more than hypocrisy, wishful thinking, self-deception and the deception of others, intentional or not. The true love is realised in action, in honest intention, in heartfelt regard. Hense this growth of Love that God wants from us, whether it be in tis world or the next. This is the change that we can do in the moment- to bring all our thought over to those of love and forgiveness, right now- to endlessly transform our inner landscape in the here and now. It is the timeless action of the sincerely religious- the action that reaches out beyond the apparent to the stars themselves and even beyond. The message that echos in eternity, that inspires and moves creatures everywhere. That one inner action- to be true to ourselves and our realisation of love- is the first and final action that bridges the apparent gap between us now and in eternity.

Only fear holds us back- a fear of illusions that must be cast aside, it’s ice melted into a puddle of nothingness, so that we can be free, free, free! Love is who we are and where we came from. The word was love and it still is now. The only thing we have to lose is our needless fear of being who we really were all along.


>The Divine Broadcast- Prelude

>(Written on 26-27 December 2009)

Here I will serialise a new set of messages. I hope to turn them into the text for a photo book or a video podcast soon. I don’t want to keep them for myself though in the meantime, so here are the words!

(Inspired by what little I know of The Urantia Book and A Course in Miracles , along with the work of countless photographers and other artists, cataloguing the miracles of the Creation every last moment).


1) Every day, small miracles occur,

2) Even if we are unaware of them.

3) Such wonders happen, whether we see them or not.

4) This is the true purpose of our universe.

5) The divine broadcast from our Creator.

6) Giving with an endless, tireless love.

7) The sun of all suns, the son of all sons.

8) Often hidden by vast levels of man-made illusions.

9) Illusions that are so attractive to us,

10) whether it be pain or pleasure that they bring.

11) Yet, we yearn for the truth of God’s words,

12) the nourishment of eternal verities.

11) So sooner or later, we all return to the divine broadcast.

12) A message of constant love and forgiveness, unyielding compassion.

13) The very source of our hope, faith and charity- all that is best in us.

14) That will inevitably rise to the surface, like an opening flower.

>"The Truth", Watch The Whole Thing, It’s Amazing!



This is everything, in a nutshell.

>The Cosmic Transmissions

>Here is a sample of some video transmissions I have made, dealing with the Cosmic Understanding materials and more. Hopefully, by speaking directly, I can bypass the limitations of the written word, something that has only recently become possible through the advances of the Internet-


>Is this Revelation or Theory?

>Just to be clear, I will here say a little more about me. So far the main response to this site and my ‘spiritual’, or higher-truth seeking writings has been… silence. Not the silence of a mountain or temple, not the silence of deep meditation. But the silence of no-one taking any interest in the whole thing. Not exactly the silence we are looking for.

So here I am. This was all inspired by experiences I have had. I have felt, experienced, ‘seen’, a great ocean of love, a communion beyond ourselves, or at least a love that enveloped me. It did come from inside me, but it was far greater than anything I could have imagined and hard to put into words. In short- I didn’t just want to believe in such a force- I experienced it. The same for the ‘divine’ voice within. I don’t pretend it’s God, as such- just I consider it to be the closest thing to god within me, the closest to an experience of a personal god- the compliment to ‘cosmic God’ of the Holy force I felt.

From the start I know a lot of people have been pretty much inoculated against giving any sort of credence to any of this. For good reason- there is a lot of fraud and manipulation out there, a lot of ‘false religion’ and ego-tripping ‘gurus’ out to empty people’s bank accounts. Yet, with this, you have to ask yourself- what have i really to gain by saying what I say? I speak of something freely available to all- you don’t need a particular religion, passport, racial identity or have to mumble any combination of particular words. God is there, here, everywhere- we just don’t pay any notice, and when we do, it is in a way so filled with fear that we obscure the kindness of that personage, projecting our own insecurities onto it.

It’s deep, oh, it’s deep. Yet it’s also light as a feather and as joyful as a trip to an Amusement Park- for life is designed to be this way and who do you think designed our lives? So anyway, like I say people are currently paying no notice to this, it is passing them by. It sounds silly, or is easily ignored… which is sort of in my favour, for like I said, if people did stop to listen, it might well turn out to challenge a lot of their presumptions about what God, truth, higher reality and even their own true selves really are. They could get aggressive, scared, hostile, or on the other hand fall on their feet in a stance of worship, confusing me with my teachings. silence is, as they say, golden.

I am just writing this to say that yes, I am serious. I did experience these phenomena, they were revealed to me and I do believe that they will be at the core of some future religion or religious movement dedicated more towards experiencing the divine than theorising about it, fearing it, propitiating it. I call it ‘Friendship With God. It’s our calling and our destiny and in fact, also our inheritance. Yet no-one is interested, which makes me wonder… why??

I do expect that at some point the tide will turn and for whatever reason this will attract those who can benefit from it. Yet I also wish to say here that I in no way intend to cause offence to those who use the terms i use here in a very different way. It is simply the only language we have, so i use the most familiar terms available to describe what I encounter, without in any way seeking to supersed or seem disrespectful to other uses of these words. There are indeed many understandings and whilst I don’t necessarily share many of them, I certainly respect people’s religious feelings towards their own favoured creeds. I am not seeking to challenge or overturn any particular religious doctrines or even dogmas. I am even less seeking to establish my own. What I am seeking to do is to find out the truth as it really is- with the assumption that there is a truth, hazy or fuzzy though it may seem- that it is worth our while to discover.

Current obsessions with economics or technology and other fashions may leave a good deal of educated people wondering ‘why bother’, whilst the existentialists out there may well question the very validity of such an undertaking. Yet I see it as Man’s timeless task- to find out what is true and worthy for ourselves. Not just with scientific instruments, but with the faculties we ourselves are endowed with- our minds and hearts, which can sense and feel what is real for us. while the eyes are easily deceived, the better parts of our heart less so. So let us journey together into the lost isles of ‘Truth’. Who knows what we may find there?

Cosmic Love,