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>A Hymn to Life’s Joy

>There are so many choices, under this broad sky, with the love of our Father in Heaven to guide us. We often fear which way to choose, but there are really so many ways to live our life, with so many bright and wonderful experiences awaiting us. The universe is a school, with playgrounds to lighten it.

Here, we learn values: patience, kindness, temperance and compassion. We feel good when we care for others and our conscience troubles us when we make those mistakes that matter most. We learn the value, the total reality of love; a love which fills all things with the warmth and meaning of life itself. We learn of one another, especially of how to care for another sensitive, sentient being, with needs just like our own, but at any time different ones. We learn what real happiness is and how inexorably bound up it is with consideration for others.

All of this is sweetened by millions of beautiful play-things, just as rainbows follow rain. Walking, I see flowers spread perfume into the air and bright colours across the ground: birds sing sweetly, filling the skies with delicate music. Below us, the seas hold amazing life, from sunny tropical fish to the gigantic squid of the depths- whilst above, a plethora of planets and nebulae revolve, awaiting our discovery. Truly, this is a wonderful world, in a marvellous universe. To all this, our most natural response is thankfulness, praise-

Praise of the Heavenly Father who gave us all this,
Praise of the Eternal One, who could bring forth such wonders,
Thankfulness that He, in His grace, allows us to be co-creators,
Experiencing this fantastic universe as something of ourselves.

A personal experience, this life,
A joy granted equally to myriad beings-
To wisely choose our path through so many experiences,
Back to our Eternal Father, our God in Heaven.



>God’s Love and The Long Struggle

>I- God is Love

God is love. Love is God.

To love God with all our hearts, we must love one another

In our faithfulness to love, we find our true selves.

The absence of love is perceived as hate, just as light is perceived as darkness.

The light of love is born anew, whenever we embrace our true existence.

Nothing pure can be twisted- yet eternal truths vanish from the sight of the blind.

Death is the end of one state and the birth of another, even if it cannot yet be seen. The lost caterpillar will yet emerge from his chrysalis.

II- The Long Struggle

A struggle is ever afoot in the human heart, as the powers of light and darkness vie for control there.

Darkness attempts to maximize it’s conquests in the sphere of time, for in the expanse of eternal life, of mythic time, it has already been defeated.

This struggle must needs be experienced and won by a conscious, moral choice. Even if the victory is assured, through love it must be chosen.

There are two sides to experiencing love- its light fulfillment and the heavy frustration when things don’t go our way.

Love is only the real experience we can have.

Sakura blossoms are like love- light and joyful, soon to fade away, yet ever to return.

Love as a thought is steady in its state. Love as an experience is dynamic, ever-changing.

By seeking the very best we can conceive, our noblest instincts, we find something far, far greater.

III- The Paths of Life

We live in a universe of many choices. We can think creative or destructive thoughts of the same things.

One branch in the path leads to life, the other to death. We commit ourselves, moment by moment, to either force.

When we follow our true desires, we chose love every time.

In the broad ways of the world, there are many paths of confusion, yet a narrow one of truth.

Salvation rescues us from the erring ways of the world, through the very grace of God’s eternal love.

The very journey of salvation is showered in the blessings of arrival.

God’s love is in the world, yet not of it.

Love follows the values of gentleness, long-suffering, compassion, grace. It may influence the worldly ways of profit, but it has quite different values.

IV- Revelation

Now we will reveal the truth: You are love, in as much as you are a dewdrop of creation.

You have the eternal powers to create whole worlds, deep inside you, just as does your true Father.

Universe upon universe, world upone world, we refine our abilities towards this glorious end.

To be co-partakers in creation and eventually creators ourselves, we find our way to our destiny.

This spiritual evolution, in the many schools of life, is apposite to any concept of power over others.

We see power for others, to transcend this selfish phase to one of total selflessness.

We give, as the tree supports the birds, as the suns support whole worlds, we too focus our love to give light to others.

This is the true path eternal, the path we glimpse and taste even now.

In The eternal present, now and forever.


>A Prayer For Steadiness in Virtue

>In a world scarred by fear and indifference,
The joys of the moment seem passing follies.

We have to ask- where does the true reality
Begin and end?

Are our joys illusionary, or is that our sufferings?
Why oh why do bad things happen under the golden sun?

The answer, my friend, is undoubtedly simple:
Demonic influence- willing embraced by fools.

Nothing but good enters the world from God’s will,
To be twisted by the jealous, bitter will of Satan’s.

God’s power is omnipresent, yet asks for faith to act.
Satan’s dark will requires minions to follow.

If no-one, anywhere, would give aid to Satan,
His ability to act would be utterly curtailed.

Such is the way of a free-will universe,
Where we humans choose to worship God and find safety in Him.


All sin is consciously chosen,
However bizarre that might seen

Yet much evil is subconscious, habitual, ignorant.
Sin begets evil, makes it worse.

Virtue sets in habits of goodness, gentleness,
A passion for helping others.

Here is the key, for those who wish to be good-
Be virtuous, light and children of the clouds.

For then evil will stay far from you,
Along with the temptations to do such wickedness as it plots.

What bothers me the most is not suffering the ill will of others,
But myself falling into such worldly ways.

I know that angels and demons are all real, very real,
They influence the ways of men, even they see such spirits not.

We chose, yet we also follow the guidance of spirits,
Entrusted long ago with guarding this Earth from the mistakes of her children.

No spirit came here but by God’s will.
The evil ones rebelled, yet were somehow able to stay.

For a loving God finds it hard to summarily punish wrongdoers,
He wishes more for their repentance and thus grants them time.


Time, time; a breath in eternity.
So much can happen in this temporal realm.

How to think of, understand this great mystery?
I pray to you God, for this…

Keep me safe from the ways of the Babylon’s Whore
Keep my faith to you intact

Warn me before I slide to sinful temptations,
So I know better than to thwart your will.

Please forgive my many sins in though, word and deed,
Help me to be true to you.

Help our hearts, our thoughts to be pure and selfless
Help us always to do the greater good for all.

As it was, is now and ever shall be. Worlds without end,

>A Prayer For Appreciation

>On the wings of angels, you saved us
Today, just as down through the ages, as we trust you always will.
You saved us from the laws of the universe,
From the bacteria and insects, which we still fear the most,
From the laws of ‘survival of the fittest’, that could have crushed our spirit,
From the laws of our own societies, when their letter proved tyrannous.

You saved us- not to suffer,
But for greater joys.
Waterfalls, streams, rainbows,
Mountains, jungles, Canyons,
For the animals a home, for us a gallery,
The beauty of creation is all around us.

In awakening our very knowledge of it, you saved us,
In sending countless prophets and artists
Who prod us and shock us to wakefulness,
You save us.
From the dirty pools of trapped water that fears the rush of living streams.
From the dullness of a sleeping mind.

So God, please hear our prayer
Thank you for the beautiful varied world around us
Thank you for the gifts of safety and prosperity
Thank you for reminding us in trillions of ways…
To be thankful to you for all that we have,
For all that you have given us through your Grace.


>A Prayer for Forgiveness

>This is a prayer for forgiveness
A prayer to bring our hearts from bitterness to the sweetness of Your Love
That we remember the words of Jesus when confronted by ignorance and unfairness, for
‘Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do’.

Help us to forgive, to return to the path You set out for us,
One by winding, ever-flowing streams of life,
Streams of fresh and glowing water, that trickle with joy and intelligence,
Streams that flow with the purist reality of Your love.

For Your trickling stream never gets muddied in dirty gullies,
It looks neither back nor forward, just flowing eternally onwards
With the force of grace, judging not those around it
Only wishing their return to it’s source.

So Father, please help us, through mighty angels,
To achieve this most transcendent act- to truly forgive our wrongdoers,
To show our trust in divine consolations,
Your rewards for the true, heartfelt faith.


>Universe Justice

>What exactly is this Universe Justice that Starfire teaches? Is it the law of sticks and stones, whereby every action meets it’s own counter-reaction, whereby whatever yo do comes back to you? Well, yes, slightly, yet Starfire’s notion includes something extra and attempts to integrate it too, so as to give a fuller picture.

For Starfire, grace very much takes precedence over ‘karma’. God will forgive those who have faith and also, God is always trying to guide us towards situations in which we increase our faith. God made the universe for us to evolve in, not really so much for us to merely survive in. It would be a sorry thing indeed if we were merely to survive as we now are, warts and all, and not even seek to improve ourselves!

This is the true reason why ‘bad’ or trying things happen in our lives- to give us a chance to explore new possibilities in faith, to learn to trust God more and appreciate those essential things which no-one can take away from us. This is the truth of tragedy- that what we thereby lose was worthless when held up to the unearthly glow of God’s love.

I’ve met people who lost their job, their home, their family – living examples of the Biblical Book of Job. Yet they thereby were led to find something else- the soul of a poet, or a truer love for others. You see they probably hadn’t fully appreciated what they had and it thereby vanished, so as to awaken an appreciation within them. Now this is hardly a desireable situation, and it may seem at first glance a little cruel to even allow the possibility of such events in the universe. But I ask you- would it really be any kinder to forbid them- to enforce a certain stability in which urgent yet perhaps painful learning experiences simply couldn’t happen?