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Risen Before the World

Now, I am risen in glory before the world. Once, showing my meekness, I was alternatively praised and scorned, loved and feared, seen and ignored- whilst now I reveal my true glory, untouchable by the world of change and these dimensions of seemingly limited illusions. In love I came and in love I shall depart, never really to leave, but merely to wait for the right time to appear again.

My body of light is in truth like the essence within you all, would you but know it. My mastery over the powers of ‘life’ and ‘death’, your inheritance just as much as mine; as beings of eternity needing none other than love and light to sustain your true and unsullied natures.

Yet it is not with these teachings of ultimate truth only that I wish to leave you. They are things you will learn in due course, if you just open your eyes, your real eyes, those of the spirit- to truth. I want to be sure to leave you, for this moment, with the knowledge of the immanent, the trut of the world around you, within you, right now, accessible now. That is- to love. To love your neighbour, your friend, your enemy, even your inner self- just as you would yourself, giving whatever you can to their happiness, their safety, their feeling of belonging.

This inner choice is the path to peace that you all seek, the way to fulfillment. It will not always be easy to love one another; but if anything in me is valued by you, this is what you can do for me. The simplest of things can seem the hardest. Yet, in truth, it is the only meaning to be found in the seemingly endless cycles of illusion opening up before you, on your great journey back to The Father himself.

I leave you with this, my love, the spirit of love. Have faith that it will endure, no matter what Earthly distraction seems to obscure it, not for a moment will it leave you, not for a moment. In time, you will be ready for the spirit of truth in all it’s glory. To see the truth in all things, infinite and eternal, shining like a light from within them. Until then, love those around you for who they are, seeing the goodness in them you can help to heal them, to return them, so that they remember their divine origin; so easily forgotten in a comparative wasteland of illusions, so soon to pass when the time of the great remembering arrives.

I Came not to See or Conquer, I Came in Love.

To show that even in a world that faces so much confusion, creates so much needless misery, there is still hope- not just hope for a better future, but hope for a realised present. The signposts of love breath from every tree, every flower, emerge with every blossom. They warm the heart, bearing fingerprints of divinity wherever they appear.

Appear they will, bidden or not- yet they will only appear to those who choose to focus on them- for here lies the choice; to love or not to love, to experience the mirror of our own soul’s inner beauty or to see illusions in it instead. To feel the warmth of God’ loving hands, as reflected though our selves, or to pass by, heedless and ignorant. We always have the choice.

Which leads me to say- what really is love- can we ever be totally devoid of it? I would have to say- no, not at all- for love is our very essence, the very makeup of our being. In the beginning was the Word and the word was love. How indeed could it be any other way, for what other pathway is there to and from eternity?

Love is here in whatever the degree- and the greater the degree, the greater the joy, whether or not happy circumstances immediately accompany it’s realisation. At the base there is love for oneself, or the pursuit of those activities that one loves. Then it grows- some would say with maturity, though I’d qualify that by saying it is the particular road to maturity chosen- to love of another, then love of the family that they co-create (much as we already co-create our lives with God, whether consciously or not). Some let this grow further, into love for their country or religion, or even for the world as a whole. The ultimate growth is love for everyone around us- a love based on the former ones, yet just as steady and vital as hem. Such a love is much more than mere wishful thinking- it is the very realisation of who we are, moment by moment loving the appearances of God around us, His manifestation in others- and loving them for who they are.

Mere abstract love can be no more than hypocrisy, wishful thinking, self-deception and the deception of others, intentional or not. The true love is realised in action, in honest intention, in heartfelt regard. Hense this growth of Love that God wants from us, whether it be in tis world or the next. This is the change that we can do in the moment- to bring all our thought over to those of love and forgiveness, right now- to endlessly transform our inner landscape in the here and now. It is the timeless action of the sincerely religious- the action that reaches out beyond the apparent to the stars themselves and even beyond. The message that echos in eternity, that inspires and moves creatures everywhere. That one inner action- to be true to ourselves and our realisation of love- is the first and final action that bridges the apparent gap between us now and in eternity.

Only fear holds us back- a fear of illusions that must be cast aside, it’s ice melted into a puddle of nothingness, so that we can be free, free, free! Love is who we are and where we came from. The word was love and it still is now. The only thing we have to lose is our needless fear of being who we really were all along.


>The Way

>The Tao, The Ki, The Way, The Force, God’s Plan; all of these are of the same essence. We need to be in tune with the great stream of our being, something we ourselves generate as a manifestation of our life. As spiritual beings manifesting ourselves in the material dimensions, we create this stream, yet often forget what it is. We need to constantly align ourselves with the reality of our being-ness, to flow smoothly along, learning, loving, being gently carried to our destination in the highest heavens of God.

We need to remember our truest values and thus swim with our stream. Our pain and frustration comes from trying to swim against the current, with mangled conceptions of how things should be, when, in fact, a recognition and unfolding of the way they truly are is the most liberating force of all.

What could be greater than a free-will universe in which we willingly love God by loving one another? In which increasingly wonderful and beautiful forms evolve on planets, finding more and more of their creator as they thrive in sunlight and spiritual foods to come? As we find increasingly better things, we move onwards towards them. This shows our learning of higher morality and of the higher artistic possibilities of the universe.

God and the universe being an artist, we being children of same are likewise artists at heart. We create art simply by purely living our lives, expressing our deepest wishes whenever we live sincerely. Sincerity, sincerity and more sincerity- this is the way to enlightenment.

>Towards a Fuller Life

>First of all, it’s important to realise that taking steps towards a fuller life is something we have to decide for ourselves. All around us are negative influences, dragging us down like gravity. We have to have a foil for these, a means of resistance. This is the immense power of our own positive focus. The universe around us is infinite, infinitely variable, though we may just see a portion around us. Thus, we can always have open to us this view that the universe is mostly good, that we are free, that we are safe. Then we can start to enjoy life more.

First of all, we need to always be aware of the beauty around us. It is the way this world was meant to be, right from the start. Amazingly beautiful, take-your-breath-away beautiful. This may be a rarely held view on this planet, but rest assured that it is the universal norm, to have this feeling of thankfulness. Secondly, we have to appreciate just how many wonderful things have been given us. Our partners and friends. Our ‘things’ that we enjoy, and just this wonderful world to live in. Thirdly (not in this order, necessarily), we need to love those around us with a heart-aching tenderness. In contradiction to commonly-held views, there are really not quite so many people in existance that we can take anyone forgranted. Each person is unique and special, even the ones who are living in as way we would rather they didn’t. As a person, they are precious and worthy of love.

Finally, we need to realise that nothing ever stays still- we grow or we decay. Hence the need to always be open to beauty, compassion, love- the human core of what often seems to be an animalistic existance. As we grow, we learn and as we learn, we grow and this is a source of great happiness. Let us grow together, in the spirit of love.


>Growth- The True Liberation

>Today, I’d like to speak about growth, about how growth leads not only to ever-greater levels of liberation, but also to greater responsibilities. How can this be so? How can we be freed by the seeming ‘chains’ of responsibility? Really, this question leads us into the area of examining what true liberation really is and of what it means to be liberated.

It isn’t, as some might think, mere licence to do ‘whatever we feel like doing’ It is freedom to be who we really are- beings of vast cosmic love and responsibility. A chance to throw off the shackles of false premises that actually limit such growth, binds of illusion that mask our true and glorious nature. We are not, ultimately, the limited beings we might seem to be. We are fashioned in the patterns of eternity, with access to limitless energy and endless intelligence.

This fact establishes quite clearly that in the liberation of our true selves much more is freed than the mere satisfaction of our temporal desires, however relevant they may be to our more limited ‘selves’. It is something to cherish and wonder at. Truly, the more we do, the more we can do!


>How is it, to help a civilisation to evolve? Well, it is something like watching a flower grow. It gradually unfolds in ever-greater beauty. Seen quickly, this process is smooth and effortless; baring unforseen extremities of weather, it is inevitable. Civilisation and it’s development has a similar, smooth inevitability to it. Yet seen up close, and more slowly, it is the story of countless struggles, often in an unsure enviroment. Progress seems far from guaranteed- which is where faith comes in- faith that divine guidance and protection will render all the obsticals mere harmless distractions from the path to grand futures.