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Risen Before the World

Now, I am risen in glory before the world. Once, showing my meekness, I was alternatively praised and scorned, loved and feared, seen and ignored- whilst now I reveal my true glory, untouchable by the world of change and these dimensions of seemingly limited illusions. In love I came and in love I shall depart, never really to leave, but merely to wait for the right time to appear again.

My body of light is in truth like the essence within you all, would you but know it. My mastery over the powers of ‘life’ and ‘death’, your inheritance just as much as mine; as beings of eternity needing none other than love and light to sustain your true and unsullied natures.

Yet it is not with these teachings of ultimate truth only that I wish to leave you. They are things you will learn in due course, if you just open your eyes, your real eyes, those of the spirit- to truth. I want to be sure to leave you, for this moment, with the knowledge of the immanent, the trut of the world around you, within you, right now, accessible now. That is- to love. To love your neighbour, your friend, your enemy, even your inner self- just as you would yourself, giving whatever you can to their happiness, their safety, their feeling of belonging.

This inner choice is the path to peace that you all seek, the way to fulfillment. It will not always be easy to love one another; but if anything in me is valued by you, this is what you can do for me. The simplest of things can seem the hardest. Yet, in truth, it is the only meaning to be found in the seemingly endless cycles of illusion opening up before you, on your great journey back to The Father himself.

I leave you with this, my love, the spirit of love. Have faith that it will endure, no matter what Earthly distraction seems to obscure it, not for a moment will it leave you, not for a moment. In time, you will be ready for the spirit of truth in all it’s glory. To see the truth in all things, infinite and eternal, shining like a light from within them. Until then, love those around you for who they are, seeing the goodness in them you can help to heal them, to return them, so that they remember their divine origin; so easily forgotten in a comparative wasteland of illusions, so soon to pass when the time of the great remembering arrives.

>Salvic Love

>Recently, I have encountered the great ocean of salvic love- the love of Salvation. Out of time, it reaches into my life from the greater lands of life eternal. In the beautiful trees, the breeze rustling through them- the great sunset, spread across the sky like a cosmic fire-flower, the warm feelings we hold for one another. This love is so intense, it literally sweeps me up and heals me, right to the core. It is the love of God, it is the love underlying all that we know or could know. Perhaps it is the love that Jesus speaks of. It is like bathing in a warm ocean of light. It just is- and it knows and respects that I am, too, welcoming me into it’s endless depths.

>The Need for True Religion

>I am starting to realise the reason for religion coexisting with us since the beginning of time. Now, I am really talking about ‘good’ religion, spirituality, religion like Jesus had. On the one hand it gives us a sense of comfort to know that an eternal father is there, looking out for us. Immanent, yet eternal, he is always there when we need him, with needs he can anticipate. What better way to go through life?

Then, it also helps us understand the way things are. Cosmologies explain the nature of creation, the realities of the rebellion and it’s ultimate defeat by God in the appointed time. The vastness of the universe, something we can see in the beautiful nature around us, is also thereby depicted. It helps us to see the forest for the trees. Also, we can learn our grand, inspiring destiny; to ultimately dwell with God on high.

Thirdly, it guards against demons- spirits outside of us and also our own inner demons. It emphasizes all that is best, most generous, most kind in us and brings it to the surface. It emphatically rejects the deceits or curiosities of our weaker, undeveloped elements. If we ever wonder what is really right, dynamic religion, through our conscience, can tell us. This is an immensely important function, as without it there is a strong possibility of nihilism blurring our definition of good and evil a la Nietzsche. We need to have a sense that helping others and being kind is the central way of the universe. This is in accord with Holy Scriptures and hence in accord with God’s will.

God does have a will- the universe and the moral field is defined. Life is not just an existential experiment in which we find everything out by trial and error. By following God- our conscience, our inner messenger- we go the right way. That inner voice will never leave us and will always guide us back to the path of righteousness. God came as a human just to show us how possible that is- to help without being overbearing, to worship in a spirit of love and freedom- to have real values, even in a world where many falsehoods are mistakenly elevated and advertised as attractive. This is true values, authentic attractiveness; a wholesome food for the soul.

Some may not like the word religion, even with the defining word ‘true’ before it. But I am speaking more about a personal experience of God and God’s glory than any established, organized system of ritualistic blessings. In a more dynamic, responsive faith that is in touch with God on an individual level. Finding a God ever around us who we can simply become more aware of, more faithful in, more responsive too, as we see him more. God is a verb as well as a noun. In us he becomes flesh again.

This is the hole, the inspiration, the glory, that saves us from manifold mistakes. In this we find true love, the source of our hearts desiring. This restored faith can give us hope, can set us free from the web of falsehood that threatens us. It’s the true happiness that no billboard advertises.

Praise the Heavenly Father


>The Messiah


Part I- Who Was the Messiah?


The Messiah, the anointed one, is someone whom the ancient Hebrews, amongst others, had been awaiting for centuries.

There was hope that his coming would herald victory over their worldly and national troubles, yet despite this materialistic dream, the true victory is a spiritual event- then, as now, as it ever shall be in the endless worlds of the Creation.


When Jesus did come, he offered not the usual murky spells of religion, but a crystal clear and unending steam of religious truth, which is synonymous with pure love.

His aim was not simply to establish a new religion on the foundation of the old, but to reassert the truths that Judaism had long ago been based upon. He was making the ancient mysteries public for the first time. To do so required an utterly original teaching that could unify the deeply personal experience of God with social realities.

Jesus traveled widely, far more widely than The New Testament, as it has come down to us might seem to suggest. He dwelt long in the lands of the east, in places such as Egypt and Tibet, where he learning from the children of creation the mysteries of that creation, just as we do. The famous three wise men were not the only Masters to have a role in the upbringing of this uniquely gifted child…


Even now we can see that those truest to Christ’s ideal can be Easterners as much as those of the West, from Gandhi to Mother Theresa, to the Dalai Lama. This, the greatest religious event of human history, belongs to no one religion, much less any particular group of people.

Part II- What Did the Messiah Teach?


Jesus, as a divine incarnation of The Eternal All, was utterly in tune with what this Eternal All Is and was thus uniquely qualified to reveal this knowledge. Mortal words are insufficient to portray this; yet, out of respect for our languages, so did he teach. Yet he knew, more than any, the supreme truth of action.

Jesus’ acts were not limited to the miracles, though these have long proved impressive, to minds that hunger for evidence of eternal power. His indelible fingerprint was that everyday gift of love, forgiveness, compassion, which he showed even in the smallest of ways. Those who had sinned were forgiven and sent forth to sin no more.

For the selfishness of sin brings the curse of death, by denying the very unity of life; whilst true love is life itself, freeing that great Self within us all. Such is his teaching. In his love, he gave his very life for us, despite our many sins.


By unveiling the mysteries of rebirth, in which we must lose our lives to gain them; in even giving his own self in such a way of selfless sacrifice; Jesus showed us the supreme path- of living for others without a thought for ourselves. In so doing, the old being must perish, to be born anew in unimaginable glory, just as the butterfly emerges from it’s chrysalis.

We caterpillars are all butterflies at heart, if we but enter the chrysalis of love and contemplation. As delicate, sensitive and sentient beings, our food for this is not just green leaves, but also that of the fresh spirit, which can be seen with newly opened eyes.


Messiahs come whenever they are needed, to set us free from unliftable burdons, to light the path of truth. From the great silence, in the anticipation of our darkest and most challenging epoch, will come the Teacher of Love to guide us through it, to make it through the change to the other side.

Some day; if that day has not already come; shall appear the great Lord Matreiya, to show us the way from turmoil to peace, from a merely worldly to a spiritual understanding, descending for us from heaven in the greatest, deepest, glory and with the peace that heaven knows best. He will come when we are ready to understand what he has for us, when our accumilated power reaches such proportions as to be a danger to ourselves without proper guidance and supervision. He will teach us where to go from here- yet, as ever, though his mission cannot fail, it will be up to each of us as individuals whether we listen to what he has to say.

Science needs to be balanced with a truly religious love, with morality and an awe for what we encounter. With his eternally-wise words, speaking like the voice of many waters, the voice of the ancient of Days, he will restore our balance and remind us, that we are but children, children who should obey their Heavenly Father, whose love they can ever trust.


The coming reign of God’s spirit- of a time when people see reality as it is, unstained by illusions- shall usher in the reign of the spirit, where in understanding and justice the, “lion shall lie down with the lamb and war be studied no more”. As ever, our greatest obstical; the mountain which God’s grace enables us to move; is our own selfish arrogance- and our finest hope, overcoming it to make a world in which we live for one another, just as was planned in Eden all along- in harmony with a very cosmic civilisation!

Thus may humankind and our home the Earth take it’s destined place in the celestial order, that vast family of planets, that lives as one for all and all for one, freely under The Father. Our home shall be no strange place to us- it will be filled with our deepest dreams.