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>Universe Justice

>What exactly is this Universe Justice that Starfire teaches? Is it the law of sticks and stones, whereby every action meets it’s own counter-reaction, whereby whatever yo do comes back to you? Well, yes, slightly, yet Starfire’s notion includes something extra and attempts to integrate it too, so as to give a fuller picture.

For Starfire, grace very much takes precedence over ‘karma’. God will forgive those who have faith and also, God is always trying to guide us towards situations in which we increase our faith. God made the universe for us to evolve in, not really so much for us to merely survive in. It would be a sorry thing indeed if we were merely to survive as we now are, warts and all, and not even seek to improve ourselves!

This is the true reason why ‘bad’ or trying things happen in our lives- to give us a chance to explore new possibilities in faith, to learn to trust God more and appreciate those essential things which no-one can take away from us. This is the truth of tragedy- that what we thereby lose was worthless when held up to the unearthly glow of God’s love.

I’ve met people who lost their job, their home, their family – living examples of the Biblical Book of Job. Yet they thereby were led to find something else- the soul of a poet, or a truer love for others. You see they probably hadn’t fully appreciated what they had and it thereby vanished, so as to awaken an appreciation within them. Now this is hardly a desireable situation, and it may seem at first glance a little cruel to even allow the possibility of such events in the universe. But I ask you- would it really be any kinder to forbid them- to enforce a certain stability in which urgent yet perhaps painful learning experiences simply couldn’t happen?