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>Krishnamurti : Why don’t You Change?



Krishnamurti has the question, we need to find the answer ourselves. He has been a great inspiration to me, helping me to see the error of my own ways in continuing patterns of violence, even in my on mind, that I have picked up from the wider society.

Knowing what I do about God and not believing it all to be mere psychological projections or imaginary, I don’t share his avowedly Agnostic framework, which I take to be more of a stance than his own true beliefs on the matter. I find faith to be greater than doubt and to have more positive consequences in terms of my outlook. Still, I do admit I find it intriguing and in it’s own way very attractive, if only as a way to present Spiritual teachings to a world in which belief in God carries so much ’emotional baggage’. I also think it possible that this is a better way to approach the subject of God, as you are ready for a fresh revelation each time.

It may sound confusing, but I leave the door open to the possibility that he was indeed the voice of Lord Maitreya, even The Messiah. I have yet to come across someone so clear-minded and inspiring, so able to help us to get away from the evils of our world and return our attention to the good. Weren’t Buddha dn Jesus also dismissive of the ideologies of their day, seeing them also as barriers to realising authentic values? Yet, for many believers, his seemingly anti-religious statements, dismissing the Bible amongst others, will surely be a big barrier to ccepting him, leading to him being shabbily dismissed as a ‘false prophet’ from the get g. Yet I think to do so would be to repeat a classic mistake of dismissing the messenger simply because you don’t like the message, or find it too hard to understand.

As for his agnosticism and view of the Bible and other Holy Books, this is more about treating them as whole, complete scriptures to be blindly followed than their own innate worth as guides. Of course a follower of K would disagree, seeing this as a mangling of is words, but you always need to bear in mind context. At a time when religious concepts and even faith in God was being exploited for nefarious purposes (K lived though the second world war, in which he was famously a conscientious objector), it would make sense o leave the whole thing aside and start afresh, as he did.

His value is more in the way he conveyed the experience of fresh spiritual inspiration, the evergreen nature of personal revelation of spiritual realities, imbibed in all that is around us. systems or personal identities can be so ideological that they are a form of idolatry themselves- no more so than in the Totalitarian dictatorships, but even now, consumerism, the pressure to conform to a Late Capitalist society is still a heavy burden and distraction from the Truth.

K is a man you really need to hear for yourself, whichever way you look at it, one of the greatest spiritual masters our world has known and one of the most important yet sadly overlooked figures of the 20th century. Hear, see and be transformed!