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>The Cosmic Transmissions

>Here is a sample of some video transmissions I have made, dealing with the Cosmic Understanding materials and more. Hopefully, by speaking directly, I can bypass the limitations of the written word, something that has only recently become possible through the advances of the Internet-


>The Spiritual Light


How to describe the Spiritual Light, the light I sense, that is seen by souls departing this world? I speak of the warm light of higher realities, of realer dimensions than the one we see now.

It is something like the warm light of the Pacific or the Mediterranean, seen under the shade of palm trees, but of a different type and degree. We feel it even more richly, it is relaxing and stimulating, all at once.

It is a light of intelligence, itself somehow conscious.

All human attempts at understanding, be they scientific or religious, are an attempt to move towards this light, are inspired by this light, are in some way of this light.

It is the one thing that can make us feel totally satiated, like no food, sex, or any sensual phenomena can. In it’s embrace, our hunger is no more.

It breaches the curtain separating ‘life’ and ‘death’, allowing us to bypass our conventional responses, beckoning us to a Greater Reality, of that inhabited by Angels, with whom we can fly there.

Just a pond is far from being the whole ocean, so our present state of consciousness is from the whole of our life.