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>On Salvation

>What is salvation? It means many things to many people, but here is what I have come to understand it as. It is the freedom from the clutches of sin, of a worldly world with it’s heaviness, sorrow and tragedy. The seemingly endless knotted rope of karma, of cause and effect, that makes so many lives, if not miserable, at least tinged with this misery. For sin is death and depression- hope, joy, love seemingly blotted out by it’s dark and deceptive clutches. Sin can seem pleasurable for someone caught up in it- for many, though, it is a source of obvious, not so hidden, suffering.

So by defining ‘sin’, we are better able to appreciate the mercy and lovings of God to grant us the path of salvation. Please note- the definition I use is not necessarily the same as that used by most Christians and this is not as such a ‘Christian’ site. Yet, still, I think we are talking about the same thing from different angles. Salvation is for those with faith, whether or not they are actually Christians. God reaches people in many ways and if at any point the Bible, Gita or Buddhist scriptures seem to suggest otherwise, the fault lies in the interpretation. God’s universal way is, in our dimension, ‘many ways’- ‘many ways’ that will be seen to be as one when we are able to see them clearly- all of which is not to suggest that all ways are valid. The one path of truth appears to us in many guises– for the path is of time and space, whilst the truth is eternal and infinite. There are no limits, other than those we impose on ourselves.

So what does it mean to be free of this thing called ‘sin’, this willful and corrupted state that permits itself to confuse evil with good and promote the former? What will happen when we are no longer dominated by it? Simply, we will see the end of our nebulous, distracting thought-stream that cries out with selfish impulses, destructive intentions and egotistical misunderstandings. We will be free, filled with love, having returned to the great cosmic family from which we came. For there are many more trillions of beings free from ‘sin’ than those controlled or shall we say, those who have their lives tainted by it. We will no longer worship at the feet of false idols, be they machines, people, doctrines or ideas. Instead, we will commune with God, restoring our rightful inheritance as His children. We will remember that we are of the family of God, playing for now the games of being humans, yet spiritually forever immersed in a greater, brighter, lovelier truth.

We will have clear understanding and vast insight. We will be restored to our true nature, again like trusting children, unstained and innocent, yet still wiser for our awareness of this world, a world which we will realise we are in, but not of. The key point in all of this is not so much what we will be- as it will be our true selves, each of us a shining individual as well as a conscious family member. It is what we will be free of- what we will be saved from. Just as the Israelites were saved from the pursuing Egyptians, or the early Christians from the curse of grinding religious laws that seemingly lead no-where, so will we receive these blessings in our own time. It also stands to reason that this will come, as ever, through no institution or worldly authority. It is the freely-given gift of God, available now as forever. For whilst we change, God- the divine reality in whose image we are made- is eternally dependable.


>Love is as God is

>Love is as God is. I shall try and make those around me more loving, of myself and of one another, as this love is the surest path back to God, the supreme. That which endears them to me can also endear them to Him who sent me to this world. Whilst I am in the world, I shall not be of it. My task is to save people, to spread the ways and means of salvation itself.

The path of salvation is one leading to a peace that this world cannot give- a peace that defies all description. Such a heavenly peace can be apprehended by those with love in their hearts, in their eyes and flowing out of their mouths.

Salvation means to be rescued from a cold and uncaring world, a world that has lost it’s values and it’s moral center. Salvation is to return to the warm streams of the great, cosmic love that enfolds all things. Salvation is an opening of the door to eternal life, the key to that door being the realisation of love.

God will grant all the desires of those that truly have faith in him. Those that commune freely with pure reality will see that all their needs are met, on a moment-to-moment basis. If the ant, the fly, the sparrow and the grasses are all so intimately cared for, why would we be in any way forgotten? Our own efforts should be directed ever more towards praising God and loving His creatures, leaving him and the kingdom to look after our diverse Earthly and emotional needs.

Lest it be mistaken, the God that is best represented as a loving father is also in fact pure reality, a spirit in truth. God can be denied or ignored, but never truly forgotten- even the denial is an acknowledgment of sorts. The good feeling, the comfort of the spirit, all this is a gift from Him. Such things cannot be bought or sold and are the reward of a faithful heart.

So have faith, have love and induce others to the same. Conform no more than is neccessary to a world that has lost it’s way in a vast cosmos ruled by God. All good things will come to you, as all good things will come from you- in the bosom of God’s love.

>Salvic Love

>Recently, I have encountered the great ocean of salvic love- the love of Salvation. Out of time, it reaches into my life from the greater lands of life eternal. In the beautiful trees, the breeze rustling through them- the great sunset, spread across the sky like a cosmic fire-flower, the warm feelings we hold for one another. This love is so intense, it literally sweeps me up and heals me, right to the core. It is the love of God, it is the love underlying all that we know or could know. Perhaps it is the love that Jesus speaks of. It is like bathing in a warm ocean of light. It just is- and it knows and respects that I am, too, welcoming me into it’s endless depths.

>In the Heart

>Recently a change came over me. I prayed to God, directly and said. “You say so often that you are waiting for an invitation to come into people’s hearts- well here I am, come into mine”. With that, I felt that a new spirit did come into my heart. I felt stronger and I also felt part of a chain stretching back through history to even pre-Egyptian times. The world around us is very real ands at this moment I felt it is quite manageable.

I looked around and sensed guardian angels watching over people, though undetected by them. Watching, feeling, caring, keeping them out of dangers that they don’t even know exist. I was being shown something- something of the angelic kingdom. I also noticed that one, especially sensitive and warm teacher is being prepared for great things to come.

This one prayer didn’t exhaust it’s potential at this sitting. The next few days new thoughts occurred to me that had never done before. I pictured the world as after all, quite a small place, but one hotly contested by spiritual powers. I really understood somewhat the hollow victory that belongs to those who are less than righteous, however rich they may be. I say the riches that good people obtain, the riches that are called heavenly, that may also include Earthly aspects. Most of all, I realised that the idea that there are countless people in the world is a very wrong one. No- the amount of people is very much a finite, countable amount. Each one is an individual, each one is, to the extent their attitude makes it possible, being watched over by guardian angels and beyond. Each one is led on paths of truth and distracted by temptations.

Granted, this sounds like just the stuff that religions are made of, but suddenly and unsurprisingly, it was very clear to me. There are not as many fuzzy, random events going on as I had thought- the significance going back to people’s choices.It is quite a revelation, but if I am to speak to people, to speak to many people, over a long period of time, then I had better be aware of where they are at, of what will be most relevant to them.

For the war in the heavens, though already won by the forces of goodness, is a very real one. It affects so much that happens here. It all comes back to our personal choices. God forces no-one to believe in or follow him. He wants them to chose for themselves. The feeling in my heart, I can attest, is so much better than before. Such is the teaching of Starfire.

>The Need for True Religion

>I am starting to realise the reason for religion coexisting with us since the beginning of time. Now, I am really talking about ‘good’ religion, spirituality, religion like Jesus had. On the one hand it gives us a sense of comfort to know that an eternal father is there, looking out for us. Immanent, yet eternal, he is always there when we need him, with needs he can anticipate. What better way to go through life?

Then, it also helps us understand the way things are. Cosmologies explain the nature of creation, the realities of the rebellion and it’s ultimate defeat by God in the appointed time. The vastness of the universe, something we can see in the beautiful nature around us, is also thereby depicted. It helps us to see the forest for the trees. Also, we can learn our grand, inspiring destiny; to ultimately dwell with God on high.

Thirdly, it guards against demons- spirits outside of us and also our own inner demons. It emphasizes all that is best, most generous, most kind in us and brings it to the surface. It emphatically rejects the deceits or curiosities of our weaker, undeveloped elements. If we ever wonder what is really right, dynamic religion, through our conscience, can tell us. This is an immensely important function, as without it there is a strong possibility of nihilism blurring our definition of good and evil a la Nietzsche. We need to have a sense that helping others and being kind is the central way of the universe. This is in accord with Holy Scriptures and hence in accord with God’s will.

God does have a will- the universe and the moral field is defined. Life is not just an existential experiment in which we find everything out by trial and error. By following God- our conscience, our inner messenger- we go the right way. That inner voice will never leave us and will always guide us back to the path of righteousness. God came as a human just to show us how possible that is- to help without being overbearing, to worship in a spirit of love and freedom- to have real values, even in a world where many falsehoods are mistakenly elevated and advertised as attractive. This is true values, authentic attractiveness; a wholesome food for the soul.

Some may not like the word religion, even with the defining word ‘true’ before it. But I am speaking more about a personal experience of God and God’s glory than any established, organized system of ritualistic blessings. In a more dynamic, responsive faith that is in touch with God on an individual level. Finding a God ever around us who we can simply become more aware of, more faithful in, more responsive too, as we see him more. God is a verb as well as a noun. In us he becomes flesh again.

This is the hole, the inspiration, the glory, that saves us from manifold mistakes. In this we find true love, the source of our hearts desiring. This restored faith can give us hope, can set us free from the web of falsehood that threatens us. It’s the true happiness that no billboard advertises.

Praise the Heavenly Father