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>The Cosmic Transmissions

>Here is a sample of some video transmissions I have made, dealing with the Cosmic Understanding materials and more. Hopefully, by speaking directly, I can bypass the limitations of the written word, something that has only recently become possible through the advances of the Internet-


>New Versions of Sayings From Above

>I- Editted on 2/24/08

(Note- These sayings are ever-edited, to improve their clarity of transmission)

Fear is gone with a smile.

Behind the history of war is a history of kindness- which exists in God’s book.

We fly in the spirit more fully than in the air.

The light within burns brightest.

Truth’s light burns away lies.

The path of light stretches to the comic core and, like an umbilical cord, from there to God Himself.

Each one of us is a tiny universe.

Truth is real when we find it for ourselves.

Open your heart and feel the kiss of the universe.

This now we have is all we ever need- live fully and in love with it.

As flower petals fall to Earth, so does heaven manifest in life’s endless beauties.

Love, God, Reality are all names for the essence of life.

When we bless each other, our own blessings multiply- grace invites greater grace.

When we feel at home, we start to heal.

>Messages to the Universe

>Messages to the Universe (With thanks to Napoleon Hill!)

Work out what you would most like to accomplish or earn.
Decide what you would like to give in return, of equal value.
Write both down on a sheet of paper,
Let God and the universe arrange the rest- they will surely find a miraculous path with which to accomplish it.
Now, more than ever, we are free to choose our destiny.

>Towards a Fuller Life

>First of all, it’s important to realise that taking steps towards a fuller life is something we have to decide for ourselves. All around us are negative influences, dragging us down like gravity. We have to have a foil for these, a means of resistance. This is the immense power of our own positive focus. The universe around us is infinite, infinitely variable, though we may just see a portion around us. Thus, we can always have open to us this view that the universe is mostly good, that we are free, that we are safe. Then we can start to enjoy life more.

First of all, we need to always be aware of the beauty around us. It is the way this world was meant to be, right from the start. Amazingly beautiful, take-your-breath-away beautiful. This may be a rarely held view on this planet, but rest assured that it is the universal norm, to have this feeling of thankfulness. Secondly, we have to appreciate just how many wonderful things have been given us. Our partners and friends. Our ‘things’ that we enjoy, and just this wonderful world to live in. Thirdly (not in this order, necessarily), we need to love those around us with a heart-aching tenderness. In contradiction to commonly-held views, there are really not quite so many people in existance that we can take anyone forgranted. Each person is unique and special, even the ones who are living in as way we would rather they didn’t. As a person, they are precious and worthy of love.

Finally, we need to realise that nothing ever stays still- we grow or we decay. Hence the need to always be open to beauty, compassion, love- the human core of what often seems to be an animalistic existance. As we grow, we learn and as we learn, we grow and this is a source of great happiness. Let us grow together, in the spirit of love.