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>What Makes Me Sad

>It truly makes me sad to see how people get caught up in conflict and violence- they dehumanize one another and treat each other as enemies, when really they could all be friends. If we shared what we have and looked after one another’s needs- emotional as well as economic- we could have a far more peaceful world. We waste so much energy on conflict, on arguing about beliefs, on misinterpreting one another’s words, when it is all so unnecessary.

People seek explanations of evil- they blame erroneous beliefs, bad attitudes, and even spiritual beings taking over weakened minds. All of this has some truth- but ultimately it is us- the conscious us who decides. If we forgo selfishness and start to think more of how we can look after one another, then we can find our true happiness. A hungry man is an angry man- and a loving, loved man can never feel hungry again.

The Urantia Book makes very clear the difference between evil and sin. Evil is a misconstrued attitude to the universe- it is usually found in ignorance. Hence the many evils of a developing country, the corruption, the bribes, the lack of justice- all accepted as a way of life by the otherwise smiling locals. Sin is quite different- giving in to temptation to try for some false goal- this is the realm of twisted thinking, of willfully doing wrong. This can only be cleansed by spiritual means, not just by a good education. When a being slips from evil into conscious sin, he is surely in trouble. The problem of religion is sin, not evil. This is why we will always need religion in some form or other, even when obvious evils are finally scarce to find.

There is a dignity in this- that here we really do have a choice. By following God’s will- the voice of the Higher Reality that we are truly a part of- we can live life of virtue, as partners with eternity. We will then never lust or long for more than we have, as we then have everything- we even are everything. Our power is to share in God’s power, not to seek to lord over others. We seek to be the servants of others, just as they serve us, all of us looking after one another in the great cosmic communion of Love.