>Growth- The True Liberation

>Today, I’d like to speak about growth, about how growth leads not only to ever-greater levels of liberation, but also to greater responsibilities. How can this be so? How can we be freed by the seeming ‘chains’ of responsibility? Really, this question leads us into the area of examining what true liberation really is and of what it means to be liberated.

It isn’t, as some might think, mere licence to do ‘whatever we feel like doing’ It is freedom to be who we really are- beings of vast cosmic love and responsibility. A chance to throw off the shackles of false premises that actually limit such growth, binds of illusion that mask our true and glorious nature. We are not, ultimately, the limited beings we might seem to be. We are fashioned in the patterns of eternity, with access to limitless energy and endless intelligence.

This fact establishes quite clearly that in the liberation of our true selves much more is freed than the mere satisfaction of our temporal desires, however relevant they may be to our more limited ‘selves’. It is something to cherish and wonder at. Truly, the more we do, the more we can do!

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